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Gumball and Dungeon Tips and Trick: 7 Guide to Survive Your Dungeon Longer


We have reviewed the full game of gumball and Dungeon games Here. When you clicked into this article, we assume you know what you are searching for, and that is the way to survive your dungeon longer. Well, worry not as someone that has played the game till my thumb sore. I think i got the gist of it. Here Check this out!

1. Upgrade your Field Survival Kit more than anything


The Field Survival kit is needed more than anything if you are a non premium gamer. It gives you free gems, and that is what you needed the most. Although it is expensive at first but don’t worry, it is definitely worth it.

2. Perfect kill Every Floor


It is important to get perfect kill in every floor, why? because it gives you bonus EP. EP in short Exploration point is important to level your Jobs.

3. Choose your Job based on what you wanted to do.

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This is pretty important. As you go down the floor, the monster or the enemies that you will be facing will be much more harder. The only way to be on par with them is by Weapon and Jobs. Jobs gives you bunch of effect. For example the first mage tier job magic apprentice let’s you use magic according to your rank, the wizard creates whirlpool by casting any spell that could damage all enemies on the floor, and last but not least Mage of destruction which let’s you substitute fireball with Armageddon. Armageddon is the Fifth tier fire magic which let’s you damage all enemies and open up all spell. It is pretty OP.

4. Remember, you Can Open Your Door Earlier and go down by using keys

screenshot_2016-09-26-16-49-06 screenshot_2016-09-26-16-49-10

Although this is not recommended. It is still a Tactics. Some might want to rush things out. Well, this is the way to do it.

5. Soul Link is important, But know which to choose


When you got your first soul link, you might be a bit confused by it. The reason is at what basis did they got the second jobs on? Well, do you know the Orbs above your gumball icon? It is your jobs. The sword for fighter, the rune is for Mage and compass for adventurer.

6. Gumball Pots


Do you know the reason Field exploration is important. Besides giving you gems. It also gives you Gumball pot. The gumball pot is a pot that could be open after you got your 6/7 Gumball. It Gives you lots of material, Fragments either weapon or Gumball.

7. If you wanted to go down faster, Do Quest

screenshot_2016-09-26-16-56-16 screenshot_2016-09-26-16-56-25

Quest is beneficial and important. Why? Because when you did the quest and finish it. It will gives you items that will be beneficial for you. For example one items will let you damage the enemies with 20 damage. It might not be that useful in the late game, but it is definitely beneficial in the earlier game. There are also one items that gives you 500 EP. 500! It is the cost of one last job upgrade. Definitely do the quest. It will gives you 10 gems with 2 Golden pot after you finish 10 quest.

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