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All You Need to Know about DZ09: The High Quality Smartwatch with A Cheap Price

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First of all, Smartwatch have been around for many years now, but it got a lot popular  just 1 year ago. Especially with many apps which supports its growth. One of the most popular cheap Smartwatch is the DZ09. A Single SIM Smartwatch phone.

Made with copper color, the watch is so attractive to the eyes and the design used is spectaculars. It can fit the wrist of anybody as its arms are flexible and can be made to fit every hand. There is a high quality item, when you got the money.

The Product itself got really popular because of its feature. Some of its feature are :

  • Calling, Messaging, and Social Media
  • Camera, Audio Player
  • Calculator, Camera (0.3 MP) , Alarm, Recording.
  • Sleep Monitoring
  • Anti-Lost
  • Pedometer



With only $14.81 from amazon website Link. Buy easily using link below

You could have this watch with bunch of its feature. Maybe because of the price itself, some might be skeptical  to buy it. Well, no worries, because it works like a charm.



The watch itself is very easy to use. The SIM card is placed inside the watch; this is a type of technology that only few people have seen. It also got a build in browser to let you browse through the net. Although it is a bit slow. It is still manageable and won’t be much of a bother to you.

The display is surprisingly nice the screen movement is smooth and reacts fairly quickly. The Calling function also works well.The sound is so loud that no call can pass you meaning you will never see a missed call from the watch. Although the camera is only 0.3 MP, it is enough as you already have your smartphone paired with it, right? but still the camera itself might prove useful for you later on.

There is also the anti lost phone that will help you find your phone if your phone is disconnected from Bluetooth or is out of the range by alerting you.

There are pedometer to enable the users to record their steps and count the distances a person can cover during sports activities, this feature is important for people that want to lose weight and likes to do sports.

Plus there is also the Sleep monitoring Feature which enable the users to live a healthy life by knowing the quality of their sleep.

With Just $14.81 and free shipping from amazon, it is an amazing deal. So why not? Try it out yourself. it is definitely worth the price.

How to Pair with your Phone?

1. Open your Bluetooth Connection (Smartphone and Smartwatch)

2. Search New Devices from your Smartwatch

3. Pair it

Note :

1. *#8375# – Information on your DZ09 Version

2. *#06# – For IMEI

3. 1122 – Password for restore setting

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