Should I Update my Android OS? Some of The Risk and Benefit from Upgrading Your Phone

Should I Update my Android OS? Some of The Risk and Benefit from Upgrading Your Phone


Google releases a slightly improved version of Android every year. Android Nougat is the latest version of Android, and includes brand-new features that make using your smartphone even better. Now the question is, should you you choose to upgrade it or not?

Is it always the best to keep a phone up to date? Lastly, what is the risk of updating your phone? in this article, we will cover some of the risk and benefit from upgrading your phone. Check this out!

Risk :

If you are using the automatic update that is provided by your manufacture then you are okay. You can skip this, but if you are updating your android OS from rooting. Then this might give you an insight.

First of all with Android devices, it is very easy to fall two or three releases behind if you depend on your carrier to release new software but if you are like me for example that wanted a newest OS, then be wary that you might Brick your phone. Brick means that your phone literally become a brick.

There are 2 type of brick :

  • A soft brick, it is usually just when you’re phone is stuck in a bootloop, and as the name implies, is caused by a software error. Usually the lack of a system to boot from or some other minor software bug that glitching boot. They are easily fixable by reflashing your ROM in recovery.
  • Hard Brick, it is like screwing up your device completely. It can be fix however but need a lot of effort.

Advantage :

You may find a new release adds useful features to your phone, and battery life may be significantly improved running newer code. Sometimes 3G and Wi-Fi performance will be enhanced. Upgrading your smart phone to versions like higher Jelly Bean, Marshmallow and Nougat could give you a handful of positive attributes like boosting the lay out and performance.

You may also find you need a new OS version to run more recently developed apps. Updates also fix many issues present in the previous version. These issues may or may not be noticeable to the user, but within the OS there are several small fixes that make the OS more stable. For Security reason Some updates are released to protect the OS against some vulnerabilities that were discovered on the previous versions. Usually manufacturers release a new software update to fix those.

Of course you need to be more careful if you are updating your android devices illegally (Rooting). There will be no problem if you are careful about it. Thank you for reading and have a nice day!