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Tips For Faster Downloading in Android Smartphone

Tips For Faster Download by Using Wifi and Data Connection

At an age where our entire life revolves around the world wide web, it is still painful to tweak the Internet connections for the optimum performance. For example, have you ever scratch or pull your hair when you download something? or have you ever downloaded a video for more than 5 minutes? Well,  ever wondered how to increase your download speed significantly? Here in roonby, we will give you a tips that will work wonder by using both your Wi-Fi and Data connection.

Note : This tips will works wonder for you, but it will spend your Data Connection. Be sure to use it on your own risk and this tips requires rooted devices.

The Way it Works

First of all, The way our phone works when using a wifi connection, is that it will shut down your data connection. At first it is a great thing, as it won’t spent most of your Data Connection when you already had a wifi, but! what if you have an Unlimited Data Connection or that you want to actually spent your data connection to make your Download faster? So, Due to open source nature of Android, there are no limits to the possibilities of features developers can add in their apps. Developer develop most of the apps that will make the impossible possible.

When you download a file, your phone has an option to choose between your mobile data and your WiFi connection. The default setting is go for any one of them and most Android user don’t know that it is possible to go both way, Dividing one of your download for Wifi and one for data connection. The way it works is like Internet Download Manager IDM where you split the files into some parts and download it, making the download is more stable. Although the data that is downloaded will have a bit chances to be corrupted when the internet connection is not stable.

Well, now that you know the way it works, here is the tips for faster download using both WiFi connection and Data Connection :

1. Download Super Booster



Download web files much faster by using wifi and mobile data at the same time!
Share or open a link from any program, like the web browser, and download it at speeds up to two times faster than usual.


Note : There are a lite version that has some limitation, but please buy the app for supporting the developer

2. Provide a Super User Permission

Just Check when there is a notification on the super user, if there is not. You need to manually set it on the super user setting.

3. Check the Dual Network on the setting


4. Copy a link from your browser for any file you want to download.

Copy the Link and Then use Super download to paste and download the file.

5. Enjoy your Fast Download Speed


There you go, downloading is fun when your speed is fast, but remember downloading a files requires data connection. Here we have cover up some ways to save up your data connection, check the article here. Thank you for reading and have a nice day!