Deal Week, 6 Reason Why You Should Have EvoPlus Q9 Car Charger + Promo Code!

EvoPlus Q9 Car Charger Review

Bluetooth headsets let you talk on the phone hands-free and use voice commands. It’s a huge convenience if you’re constantly talking on the go. Picking the right Bluetooth headset might seem simple, but there are many things that needs to be considered before buying. For example is it comfortable to use? is it durable? how is the battery life? how smooth is the sound? is the noise cancellation system works well? and last but not least, how is the price?

Well, this time we are going to review the product which have all those question answered. The Q9 2 in 1 Bluetooth Headset and Car charger made by Evo+.


基本 RGBThe product made from metal and plastic. The design is very nice and easy to grip too so you won’t need to worry about it falling down. The most important aspect of this product is the great amount of feature that come with the product. Although the product is small, you can’t be underestimated, and also Q9 comes with 3 different ear pieces and a user manual. You can change the earpiece periodically when you wash it or when you lose it.

6 Reason Why You Should Have EvoPlus Q9 Car Charger:

1. Easy for Hands Free Phone Calls

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In the past, I have used a Bluetooth headset different from the Q9 and i am fine with it most of the time, but the most annoying things  is when i receive a calls from other and need to slide your phone to answer it.

The first reason i buy Bluetooth headset is because i need to focus on driving while being able to answer calls. With the Q9 Headset, you just need to slightly touch the top of your Bluetooth headset and voila the call is answered, and the same thing can be done when hanging up a call. Another cool feature is redial, which allows you to call the person you most recently called with two quick taps of the button on the earpiece.

2. Charge Directly and Wirelessly

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This feature isn’t for the USB charger. It is for the headset actually. You need to charge it for 1.5 hour to get a 1.5 hour of talk time.

3. Much Safer USB Charging

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The USB charger itself got 2 heads : one is for 2A for faster charging, and the other one is for 1A for much stable charge.

4. Reddot Award Winner

The Reddot Award is an award for international product design and communication design prize awarded by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany. Q9 got an award for its compact, portable, lightweight, and newest style design. Don’t forget with dual USB port charging and magnetic connection. 

5. Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Connections

As long as you have Bluetooth services on your phone, you will definitely be able to use this devices without any problem. It is equipped with the new Bluetooth V4.1 technology, compatible with various mobile digital products, that will provide HD voice quality.

6. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The product itself is very trustworthy. It has a 100% guarantee satisfaction. If you are not satisfied within 60 days, call their customer service and they will immediately refund your money.


Either way, this is an unique and interesting product aside for its usefulness. Pack with a small tech but have a great deal of feature. With only 32.99$ you can have this product. Well, if you considered the price of 20$ car charger and 30$ of Bluetooth Headset. It is obviously a great deal for you.

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