Gumball and Dungeons – Hidden Gumball Quests Tips and Tricks

Hidden Gumball Quests Tips and Tricks

Although we have cover about the game itself from the review here and some tips to survive the Dungeons here. There are still one thing we haven’t told you about and that is the way to get the hidden gumball.

Note : This tips will definitely help you getting your airship early. As you need at least 15 Gumball and 50,000 coins to unlock the airship.

1. Sorcerer – Adventurer’s Forest


Get sorcerer’s robe in wild boar cave, after 50F, sorcerer will appear randomly, wear the robe and pay him 300k.
2. Zorro – Village of Heroes
Upgrade Zorro mask to max, will appear randomly at boss stage (60+)
Notes : Rumor – if Zorro didn’t show up at 60F, close the game and wait 35-40min, the reward behind the boss will change, repeat until zorro show up.
3. Predator – Lost Temple
 Have 500K coins, and get alien helmet, after 50F will appear randomly. On the second visit  pay him.
4. Dark Dragon – Borderland
Use death knight (as leader), upgrade three items to max, then use bone staff to summon dragon, let the dragon die and collect bone (use save/load method), at 80F, sacrifice Contract of the dead and Bone at Altar to get dark dragon.
 5. Spartan – Ancient Arena
Get Spartan helm and win every duel till 95F Forest of whisper (Sunflower)Don’t plant the magic bean, collect sunflower seed at 30F+ boss then plant it and summon sun, prepare 300 seed.
6. Prince – Saint’s Tower
Get crystal dress & shoes from Prince’s Corpse / Buy pumpkin carriage [2000EP], usually found at lower floor, equip and talk to prince at 60/70/80F
Note : to get pumpkin carriage, Keep Dorian Grey Picture + EP Potion  (Adventurer/Pirate/Witch) in inventory. Don’t use any EP Bonus item and keep your EP <1000EP. If you have > 2000EP, The carriage won’t be out.
 7. Genie – Deserts Oasis
Get holy oil from boss[60/70/80], make wish and recruit. Bloody Fortress (Lich) – Up lich status to 20, keep Flimir’s soul box, put it into broken status of lich [50F+, appear randomly]
 8. Vampire Hunter – Dracula’s Castle
Upgrade vampire hunter cloak to max, offer it to him once u see him [After 60F, appear randomly] (Tips: u can get the cloak back when u found the stair)
 9. Kraken – Pirate’s Seaport
Buy 5 roasted squid, DO NOT EAT until 60F get david jones’s treasure, summon it and feed it roasted squid.
10. Ghost Captain – Skeleton Island
Get 5 ghost crystal, offer him 5 crystal [50F+, appear randomly]
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That is all for this tips today, the hidden gumball sure is pretty cool right?. By the way there exist a Facebook Groups about the game here! Be sure to check them out too as they give out bunch of coupons code that have many Coins and Relics. Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

Update : There are some other hidden gumball that can be found on the game, check that out here!