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Medical Apps for Android: Meet Online with Your Doctor, Manage All of Your Medication

How do you do? We hope you have a good day. Though, if you are unwell, we hope you get better soon. This time, roonby present to you medical applications for android.

1. Doctor on Demand by Doctor on Demand, Inc

doctor on demand
Get doctor help at home

Doctor on demand offers you to get in touch with certified doctor in your area. You could make appointment and then meet online with your doctor, physician, or psychologist from your home. Furthermore, you don’t need to wasting your time at the waiting room anymore.

Off course, not all appointment could be done by consultation from home. This well designed application could help you with things like cold, flu, cough, and fever. You could consult allergies, rashes, bites, and other skin problems too.

Not to mention, you could consult on vomiting or diarrhea. In addition, help yourself from Urinary Tract Infections and possible sinus infections. Consult also pediatric fever, advice or other issues on it. You could also ask doctor help with this medical application for back pain, heartburn, sport injuries, and athlete foot.

Do you want to stop smoking? It is possible to use this app to contact your doctor for that. This medical application also help to answer breastfeeding questions as well.

Equally important, you could consult with physician and psychologist on depression and anxiety concerns. Also, mental and emotional health issues and concerns.

What it cost:
This medical application will cost you $49 per visit to medical doctor. Psychology will cost you $79 for a 25 minutes session. However it will charge you $119 for the 50 minutes session. The psychiatry will cost you $229 for the first visit and $99 for the follow-up visit.

Those payment may be covered by your insurance, check that on Doctor On Demand App in Account >> Insurance to make sure of that.

Still, please note that this application is only available in some states that the law permits.

Get its support on: [email protected]

doctor on demand app store

2. CareZone by CareZone

All your medical information in one place

This easy to use medical application will help you to manage all of your medication. You would love to store all of your medicines’ information in one place.

CareZone is very helpful to keep track all of your medicine. From the medicines that you or your love ones has to take daily to the fever medicine that you store just in case. You could keep track of the time you should buy more. You could also keep the track of the medicines’ expired date.

CareZone doesn’t only organize your medicine but also your other medical need like your medical contact informations, calendar, to-dos, and even a journal.

Do you have difficulty to take the doctor prescription? This medical application give reminder for you to take your medicine on time. Jot down everything that you need on the notes. You could take photos as well.

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3. Epocrates Plus by Epocrates, Inc.

Avoid drug-to-drug harmful interaction

Epocrates Plus help you to reference your drug prescription and information of its safety among brand, generic, and OTC drugs.

Make sure that you don’t take drugs that should not be taken together. This medical application could show you what medicines that you should not take in the close range of a period of time. You could see up to 30 drugs at a time.

Furthermore, you could use it to identify your pills. See the imprint code and the physical characteristics to do it. Another features are the BMI and the GFR calculators. Overall, it is a very usefull application that worth to try.

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medical terminologies app store

4. Medical Terminologies by Medical Group Soft

medical terminologies
Offline medical terms dictionary

Medical terminologies is a kind of dictionary to help you to learn medical terms. Maybe it doesn’t have the best user interface, but it is a very helpful medical application. Get a quick medical term in your android device. You don’t need to use internet connection. This dictionary present you the medical terms in English. It is a trusted application that used by professionals in medicine.

You may use it to search for medical terms, diseases, tests, and symptoms. It has wide database. Nonetheless, you can find those information quickly. Also, you might want to bookmark what you find. Don’t worry, this medical application has unlimited bookmarking.

Get its support on: [email protected].

medical terminologies app store

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