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Nowadays, Getting a package from Amazon is a lot easier. Amazon is one the leading e-commerce site where you can buy a lot of things that you need in it.

With the recent updates of the apps amazon added a new feature for you, Package X-Ray. Customers with an iPhone can use the free Amazon shopping app and try Package X-Ray to see what’s in a box that’s been delivered, without having to hide unwrapped presents around the house.

When the Package arrive, just click on the apps, click on the camera icons in the upper right section of the apps. See the 3 icon? Package X-Ray, Upload Photo, and View History? Well, tap the Package X-Ray icon and then scan the entire shipping labels in it. Voila, all the item inside is display in your phone. If you click the icon, you can have the description of the items in it, how much is the price and so on.

Well, the apps is certainly useful at some point, but it is easier to just rip the package open and check for the item inside. There is also a problem where you need to scan if the item is exactly as you wish it is. Anyways thank you for reading and have a nice day!


Amazon Package X Ray
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