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Video Calling Apps for Android: Choose one out of the best video calling applications.

WhatsApp has recently added video calling on its update feature. Why video call? Sometimes chatting via text or voice are not enough. You might want to know the face or the well-being of the person on the other side. So, choose one out of the best video calling applications.

Since WhatsApp still a new member to the band, we don’t include it on our list. However, we have included three best video calling application on Android.

1. Viber by Viber Media S.à r.l.

This messaging app offer to give us free text messages service. Put playful sticker and emoji to make your chat livelier. Moreover, you could share photos and videos with your pal. It also has group chats feature. You could make a group chat up to 200 people. Furthermore, it has video and voice call as well.
You don’t need to input your username and login information. Activate it by simply entering your phone number.

It offer HD sound quality for your phone calls. So you get clear voice every time you use it. Altogether, Viber is an easy to use multi platform video call application.


2. Skype -free IM Video Calls by Skype

It is another multi platform app for video calling. Skype offer to give us cheap international calls.

You could make video group call up to 25 people. In addition, could make a group chat up to 300 people. Put emoticon and emoji on your chats. Another features are available. You could share photos and videos messages, your contact, and your location. Follow public chats and playing games also available in this sky blue theme application.

The cool thing about this app is we get to control over what we send. You could drop the picture that you already send to a friend. It is a very handy feature. You could immediately delete that embarrassing photos, or that photos which go to the wrong person, that you send accidentally.

Furthermore, a lot of people already use it. That means, you could make a video call to more people with this video call application.


3. Tango – Free Video Call Chat by Tango

This orange theme messaging app declare itself as the messaging app with the best video calling. You can chats, make phone calls, and make video calls or free. It works on smartphones and tablets.

This app is a multi platform application. So, you could chat with a person who use Android, iOS and Window’s devices. This app also has feature that allow you to make group chat. So, you could chat with your group of friends at the same time.

One of its feature is Tango Surprise. Use it by tapping on Tango Surprise’s icon. It is located in the upper left corner side when you make a video calls. Evey time you tap on it, Tango will send cute animations.

It has more fun feature that you may want to try by yourself. There are filter to enhance your picture message. Sharing music with Spotify. In addition, you could playing games while make a call.


Try these cross-platform video calling application now. Which one do you prefer? Please, feel free to comment and give advice. Have a good day!

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