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Hill Climb Racing 2
Hill Climb Racing 2 will be available on Android and iOS Soon.

It will be available on November 28 for Android. Expected later on December 2016 for iOS.

Are you a fan of Hill Climb Racing? It is a fun mobile driving games. Fingersoft has good news for you. The sequel will launch on 28 November this year in Google Play. Hill Climb Racing 2 is free to download with in-app purchase to buy in-game items. For iOS user, be patient, please. You need to wait till next month to try this game.

Asynchronous multiplayer

There are some differences with its prequel. Hill Climb Racing 2 has asynchronous multiplayer feature. You could challenge your friends. Compete with them to see who is the fastest one.

Tons of new characters and vehicles

It has some feature of the first Hill Climb Racing. This driving game includes endless adventure mode.

Furthermore, you will get to play new characters. In addition, there are vehicles that you don’t see in its prequel. There are a lot of customization that you could take. In this case, outfits of your character and your car’s painting.

Teemu Närhi, the CEO of Fingersoft gave his words. The CEO inform that fans like to the ability to play with friends. The other favorite are costumier character and vehicle looks. Those were by far the most requested features. “We’re incredibly excited to make those dreams a reality in Hill Climb Racing 2,” he said.


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