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Find Hidden Apps from Your Android Device

Root app deleter

Bloatware is an annoying problem for most Android users. It could be pre-installed apps on your device. It could be an app that just ‘got there’ after you updating your Android. Occasionally, some of those are useful, but some of those apps are useless most of the time. They occupy your memory slot and you don’t even use them. Nevertheless, you want to remove them.

The thing is, you can’t remove them. Your device only allowed you to disable it. Some third-party apps may help you to solve this problem.

ROOT your phone

You need to ROOT your phone. That means gain the root privilege. That’s kind of superuser privilege. We give you warning, though. Most carriers and manufacturers forbid users to do it. It could cost you, your device’s warranty claim.

Make backup of your device

This action is not without risk. It might cause trouble to you if you take a wrong move. So, please make backup before you start deleting your system apps.

Root App Deleter

Root App Deleter is one of bloatware remover apps. The user interface is not to my liking, but it is an easy to use this app. It has two system modes, the pro and the junior.

It doesn’t take a lot of your memory. Also, it could run on old phones with low memory.

System App

System App
Open ‘System App’ to see all apps on your android phone. You will find the apps divided to 3rd Party App, Plugin/Wallpaper/Theme, Official Optimized App, OS Component, OS Kernel, and Unknown.

Root App Deleter helps you to looking for the method to disable your app. It has the ‘Search common root method’. Also, it has ‘Search method for my phone’. Those will take you to google search. Each phones has different method.

This direction appear when you ask for help in this app:
You need [ROOT] before doing anything in System Partition.
There could be different methods for different phones. Here’s one worth a try
1. Plug phone to PC with USB, make sure the driver is installed and [USB debug] is selected.
2. Download and Run [towelroot](
3. Click [start] and wait for a [success] message.
If this fail, please googling the other method.

Easy uninstall apps

Go to the ‘User App’ to uninstall your installed apps. You could uninstall a lot of apps in two steps.

First step: tap on the app that you want to uninstall to select it.

Second step: tap on uninstall or silent uninstall to uninstall them.

Freeze apps

Some phones could not unfreeze app. Because some phone producer do not support this command. So, for your safety, follow the guide and finish compatibility test.

So, here the steps that you should take:
Open the ‘App Freeze’, you will find these steps:
– Install test app.
– Run.
– Freeze.
– Run.
– Unfreeze.
– Run.
– Done.

Junk scan

Open the ‘Junk Scan’. Scan your phone to find your hidden data that stuff your memory use. It could be cache or temporary data. You have options to delete or dismiss them.

Please, wisely use this app. Have fun cleaning your phone!

App Rating : Root App Deleter (Free)

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