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Indy Car Racing Games for iPhone: Get Ready for A Fast Paced Hi-Action Race around The Track!

Indy Car Racing Games for iPhone: Get Ready for A Fast Paced Hi-Action Race around The Track!

If you’re looking to have a quick game on your iPhone then racing games is definitely one of your must have games in your phone. Racing games is great because you don’t have to worry about getting too involved in a big long story line.

Of course some might prefer an RPG games or a puzzle games but we will get into that later. Anyway, Racing games comes with different type and difficulty. Some can be endless runner style of racing games, which allows you to just keep on playing as long as you like or some might be a Time attack where you can see how fast you go on each games.

Either way, they are a fun games to play. Then here you go, the list of Indy racing car games for you. Enjoy

1. Indy Car Showdown

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Test your racing skills in the Speedway Showdown mobile app game! This fast-paced game puts you behind the wheel of an IndyCar at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway where you must finish the race before time runs out. To keep your car at peak performance, you’ll need to pick up fuel and tires while you’re racing and avoid other cars and obstacles on the track. Download the game today and see how your racing skills measure up!

This one is a fun game for kids, with easy to navigate button and easy to understand type of game. You need to finish the race before the time runs out, and by doing that you need to keep your car at the peak performances. The games is pretty nice. Although kids will like it, adults might not. The game don’t really have a catchy feels to it as there are just a simple car racing with a cute character and cool mobile. So it will be boring if you played it for too long, but if you are searching for a kids game. this is your choice.


2. Extreme 3D Indy Car Race

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Get ready for a fast paced hi-action race around the track! You are behind the wheel of your very own red/white Indy car.

* Try to collect as many Red (Streak) Coins as you can before your car runs out of time.
* Avoid hitting other cars or you will be penalized with loss of time.
* Increase your times on the track by collecting Blue (Streak) Coins.
* And watch for the special Green (Streak) Coins for a super accelerated bonus!

This game is for you if you are looking for a just play without tons of instructions and different things to buy. The way you score in the games is by collecting coins, you literally need to collect all coins to get a higher score. As you race around the track you lose fuel. Also if you hit other cars you lose fuel.

So the idea is to watch the fuel gauge and make sure that you don’t run out. So you need to pick up fuel tokens along the way which refuels the car and lets you keep on going. So that keeps it interesting.