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The features mimic Twitter and Snap tools

Instagram’s users don’t get to use Facebook Live and Messenger in it. Instead of that, you would love to know that this application has new features like Periscope and Snapchat. The first supports the spreading information in video format. The other supports nowadays photo-sharing lifestyle. The information is unveiled on Monday, 21 November.

Those features will change the way we use Instagram. Previously, when we share our photo or video, it will stuck on the internet for a long period of time. Now, we could use Instagram’s new features so that when we share our photos and videos, it will only be available momentary.

Pressure-free space for Instagram users

Kevin Weil is the head of product at Instagram. He stated that Instagram want to be a place where the users can share all of their moments. “To create a pressure-free space to do so,” he said.

Instagram has been steadily coming out with features to compete with Snap. Before, it has unveiled Instagram Stories. It mimics Snapchat’s feature called Snapchat Stories. This feature help user to organize their photos into a story line.

Ephemeral live video

Instagram’s live-video feature lets user broadcast live video. It is for people who follow them. They can access it from the Stories section of the app. Friend and follower watching the live video can comment on it. However, that only could be done during the stream. It can’t be saved to watch later. In addition, it will disappear as soon as the stream stop.

That trait gives the broadcasters room to express them self freely. Also, broadcasters do not afraid that it will stuck on the network. Moreover, it will drive people to produce more often. That’s better than waiting for a good opportunity to broadcast. Accordingly, it will persuade viewer to watch at the moment. Conversely, viewer will get to know the newest information. Viewer will be able to browse page of the best Instagram Live videos happening right now.

Ephemeral direct messaging

Furthermore, user will be able to send expiring messages, photos or videos. They have ability to send them to individual friends or groups through a direct message.

The message will disappear from the recipient’s inbox after the person views it. Sender will be able to see whether or not the recipient has taken a screenshot of a video or replayed one. That feature is in the private messaging tool. It is an ephemeral direct message to some of your friends. They can only watch it twice before it disappear.

Disappearing messages were made famous by Snapchat. It is famous among younger user. People grew fond of the idea that their digital history did not have to follow them around the internet.

Mr Weil defended the move of ephemeral sharing. He claimed that those features are Instagram’s improvements and adjustments. Therefore, those new features highlighted Instagram’s innovation with the format.
“The format definitely something that Snapchat innovated on, but it’s just like how hashtags started on twitter and are used everywhere. I think this particular format is one that we will see adopted everywhere else,” he said.


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