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Browse the web without leaving a trace

Last Thursday, Mozilla launch its new web browser, Firefox Focus. Firefox Focus is a simple web browser. Mozilla launches this web browser for iOS that revolves around privacy. It lets user browse the web without leaving any trace.

It is an option for those who want to remain invisible while surfing the network. This private browser has straightforward way to erase history. Wipe browser history by tapping on ‘erase’ button. This button is easy to find. It is located on the main page.

In addition, it claims to block ads, analytics and social trackers by default. User needs to go to the Settings to enable them. There’s option to block more content trackers. That’s if the user doesn’t afraid to be uncompatible with the visited site. Furthermore, user can disable sites’ custom web fonts.

A simplified browser

It was designed so that user could surfing the network quickly. There are no multiple tabs, though. There are no feature to list favorite sites either.

For your information, user can’t load a complex page. It has a simplified design. That’s make it impossible to load a web page in usual manner. Hence, it has option to go into the standard Firefox or Safari browser.

Firefox Focus for Android?

Prospect for Android user trying it? Mozilla consider to build similar app for Android if the iOS version proves successful.

Originally, Mozilla launched it on the App Store almost a year ago. Mozilla add the private feature for Safari browser. It was an ad-blocking utility that could remove ads and tracker. That feature is still available for Safari, though. However, Firefox Focus now has become another competitor of Safari.


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