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Indie Car Racing Games – Your Need For Speed for Your Android Phone

Playing games on our Android smartphones and tablets is becoming increasingly more popular thanks to a huge selection. Not to mention big HD displays and powerful processors. Racing games are among the most popular in all of mobile gaming. I remember my first racing games, Need for Speed on the play station. It was great, at least until my brother broke the disk.

Anyway, it was the first genre to overcome the lack of physical buttons on smartphones well enough that it made the games worth playing. Most popular racing games get downloaded tens of millions of times and have some seriously loyal fans. With millions of apps and hundreds of games available on the Google Play Store, it can be hard to find good quality games racing games. Which is why we have created a list of Indie Car Racing games for you to play. Enjoy!

1. Extreme Real Indy Car Racing



Start Your Engines! Extreme Real Indy 3D Car Racing – fun, fast, exciting racing style arcade game with One Touch controls & that need for speed sound track! Park the car, take a break & go for a lap or two! Do you go Formula? or Indy?

This game is a simple tilt your device to move the car type of game. It is very easy to navigate as it only requires one hand! So you can hold your kids hand or your wife’s hand and still play the game! The sounds in the game are also very realistic. You can also customize your car, even choose if you want Tread Hunter racing tires or a Ninja spoiler, for example. The ads aren’t a problem – there is a remove ads button if you really don’t like them. This game has been in the app store for some time now and it has almost a 4 star rating on the apps store.

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2. Indy 500 Arcade Racing



Ladies and Gentlemen… Start Your Engines !!!

In cooperation with Indianapolis Motor Speedway, we are proud to introduce (exclusive for Android worldwide), the official INDY 500® track and 33 meticulously-detailed open-wheel INDY cars. “INDY 500® Arcade Racing” aims to bring back the fun of the Arcade atmosphere whilst using today’s latest 3D technology.

Indy 500 Arcade Racing is a great title to check out for anyone that is looking to get their hands the classic feel of arcade style racing on their mobile. It features the official INDY 500 race track and a total of 33 awesome open-wheel INDY cars for you to choose from. Although this is supposed to have an arcade type feel to it, the 3D graphics are still very detailed and has everything you could expect.

You’ll put it all on the line and race against 32 other INDY race cars, which can be enjoyed in the single player arcade mode or in the multiplayer challenge mode. The only downside is that you have to pay to play the game.


3. Indy Car Showdown



Test your racing skills in the Speedway Showdown mobile app game! This fast-paced game puts you behind the wheel of an Indy Car at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway where you must finish the race before time runs out. To keep your car at peak performance, you’ll need to pick up fuel and tires while you’re racing and avoid other cars and obstacles on the track. Download the game today and see how your racing skills measure up!

This one is a fun game for kids, with easy to navigate button and easy to understand type of game. You need to finish the race before the time runs out, and by doing that you need to keep your car at the peak performances. The games is pretty nice. Although kids will like it, adults might not. The game don’t really have a catchy feels to it and it will be boring if you played it for too long, but if you are searching for a kids game. This is definitely your choice

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