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Facebook’s Location Frames offer to connect users with local events or location.

Soon, it seem that we could use Snapchat’s Geofilters-like feature in Facebook. Currently, it is still beta tested in some country like Colombia, Mexico, Taiwan, The UK, and Ireland. However, we could expect to see it in another countries soon.

The location-based ‘Frames’ in Facebook just like the special locations or events filters that available in Snapchat. It is a part of Facebook’s custom photo frames. Facebook has set up a page where users can upload their own frames.

Facebook users will be able to take a picture and submit their custom photo frames. The frame is required to surround the object, but not obscure.

Facebook’s Location Frames offer to connect users with local events or location. It allowed user to tag those frames to specific coordinates. Users can create and submit illustration of specific location like neighborhood or landmark with this tool. If Facebook approve it, the other user can use that filter too.

Furthermore, user can submit more general designs with illustration not tied to a specific location in custom photo frames.

Location Frames is not the first photo effect feature on Facebook. Facebook has allowed its users to use selfies and videos with some effects for a while. Those effects include text, doodles, AI-powered filter, and animated face masks.

Also, we have been able to use photo frames for profile picture, but before, we can’t make our own frames.


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