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Best Guided Meditation Apps for iPhone: Release Stress and Sleep Better!

Release Stress and Sleep Better with these meditation apps. It is for you who has restless night, and feel that you don’t get enough sleep even though you has sleep a lot. Maybe what you need is release your stress with meditation. These meditation apps sure will give you that.

1. Calm: Meditation to Relax, Focus & Sleep Better by


A seven-day sleep program

Calm is a meditate app that has multiple guided and guided sessions.

It has seven-day sleep program for you who has problem to sleep. Furthermore, exercise the breathing practices with its guide so you will get a calmer mind. Start your day with calmer mind so your daily life will always be joyful, clear and peaceful.

You can personalized this app by choosing the sound and length to use it. Moreover, there is also option to pick a scenery so you can visually focus during meditation.


2. Take A Break!

take a break

Follow its easy instructions and get started on your meditation

Take A Break! is an app to help you to rest. Of course, you need to meditate during those breaks, whether a short meditation or a long meditation. Likewise, you can choose to use the music or not for both of a short meditation break and a long meditation break.

This app is so simple and straightforward. Accordingly, you would not find unnecessary features. Also, you can follow its easy instructions and get started on your meditation.


3. Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics by 10% Happier by Change Collective


Practice meditation in a clinical yet approachable way

This app is for those who has ‘fidgety skeptics’ problem. Dan Harris, a veteran of ABC news reporter, created it with Joseph Goldstein, a meditation teacher. Their aim is to make a good meditation guide so that average people can practice meditation in a clinical yet approachable way.

The app has easy to understand explanations of various aspects meditations. You can view interviews and discussions through videos that this app provide. Those videos involving notable meditation practitioners and teachers that discussed the practice in frank term with Harris.


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