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Best Period Tracker Apps for iPhone: Accurately Predict Your Next Period

Period Tracker is a convenient tool to help you to stay informed about your body. It can help you to predict your next period. Also, it is useull for those who are planning a family. Here, Roonby recommend three period tracker apps for iPhone users.

1. Kindara: Fertility & Ovulation Tracker, Pregnancy by Kindara, Inc.


Pinpoint the ovulation with high accuracy

Accuracy is sure this app strong point. Kindara can help you to be better at understanding your cycle. It pinpoint the ovulation with high accuracy. Enter your menstruation data so you get the concept of your period.

It has feature called Wink. It’s a wireless Basal Body Temp (BBT) thermometer to measure your body temperature. Also, Kindara keep record of your cervical fluid type daily. You can see your moods and eating habits through the daily journal entries.

Furthermore, it present you with easy to understand charts. Therefore, you can predict your fertile days, ovulation, and menstruation through its calendar and menstrual charts. You can communicate with other user too. Connect with them and share your fertility goal.


2. Clue: Period , PMS, Fertility & Ovulation Tracker by BioWink GmbH


A stand alone app for Facebook’s notifications

This beautiful app can help you to discover your cycle. It will calculate and help you to get informed on your reproductive health from your data input.

You only need to enter your period, pain, mood, fluid, and also sexual activity. Clue will find your unique cycle pattern for you. Then, it will predict your next period will start. It will give you reminder of when you get your next period, PMS, and also inform your fertile days.

It is possible to connect with your partner, family, or friend about your reproduction health through this app. Clue give in depth information about it. You can get knowledge about menstrual cycle, also with its medical and scientific references too.

Furthermore, it offers 31 tracking categories. That’s including period, cramps, emotions, skin, hair, sleep, exercise, and many more.

3. Dot-A Period & Fertility Tracker by Cycle Technologies


A stand alone app for Facebook’s notifications

Dot offers an accurate predictions for the next six months. It is especially useful for those who want to plan their family. It has Dynamic Optimal Timing method. They claim that that method enable couple to easily and effectively planning or preventing pregnancy.

The app tells you about your individual conception risks for each day of your cycle. Still, it is advised to keep your history so you can monitor your period start date and the cycle length.

However, it gives some warnings to users. It doesn’t covered for those who has irregular in their cycle. That’s including to those who has significant variation in cycle length (more than 10 days between the shortest and longest cycle), and those who regularly has cycle shorter than 20 days or longer than 40 days.


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