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Best Apps to Learn Spanish for iPhone: Become Fluent in Spanish Quickly!
1. Duolingo


Reapetedly give you question in a course for things you don’t get

Duolingo sure is one of the best platform to learn Spanish. Moreover, you can use it for free. However, it doesn’t explain grammar specifically on its course. So, you need to grasp it by your own.

This app will help you based on what you don’t know. It will repeatedly give you question in a course for things you don’t get, whether it is word, conjugation, singular/plural problem, and many more. Accordingly, it help you to get used to Spanish in a fun way.

appstore-button2. MindSnacks


Learn Spanish in a fun way

This app is for you who want to learn Spanish in a fun way. You can learn Spanish while you play the games that available on it. Answer your question quickly before you run out of your time.

Try to complete the lessons, finishing a quest, completing skills, or getting high scores in the games. You will get to know Spanish while playing all of that.

appstore-button3. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone

Learn Spanish just like you learn your first language

You can learn Spanish through Spanish with Rosetta Stone. Previous sentence is not a typo. You will learn Spanish just like you learn your first language with this app. Although it may become frustrating for you who want to get explicit explanation to learn something. But hey, it is not like you can only use this app. You can use ‘other supplement’ so you can master Spanish quickly.

Moreover, you can use its feature to practice Spanish with native speakers. You can schedule lessons to have live tutor to talk with some native speakers. Also, you can learn other language as French, Italian, Japanese, and a lot more as well.

appstore-button4. Memrise


Memorise Spanish words in an interesting way

You can train your Spanish skills with this language learning platform. There are French, Spanish, German, English, Polish, Japanese, and many more.

The main purpose of this app is for you to memorise the words. You can learn Spanish words that is divided by modules. Each modules consist of lessons that each of them will helps you to memorise 15 words.

This app makes you memorise Spanish words in an interesting way. It has ridiculous sentences in Spanish and its meaning. It is so funny that you will easily remember it.

appstore-button5. Busuu


Become fluent in Spanish quickly

Busuu is another language learning platform that easy to use. Not only to learn Spanish, you can use it to learn other language like Turkish, German, French, Arabic, Chinese, and many more.

It has vocabulary and grammar units where you can learn the basic words and phrases. There are also audio dialogues, listening exercise, pronunciation challenges, language games and interactive lessons on this learning platform.

This app strong point is in its community based. You can submitting a writing exercise, then a fluent speakers will help you on it. Furthermore, it has speaking practice session with native speakers. Therefore, you can practice your speaking and become fluent in Spanish quickly.


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