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Dragon Sinker Review: The All New Retro Style RPG Game

Dragon Sinker Review: The All New Retro Style RPG Game

If you guys are in search for an old school RPG style games, like final fantasy tactics and such then you are in luck, because Dragon Sinker might be your choice.



An all-new retro-style RPG free to play in its entirety!
Join forces with other humans, elves, and dwarves, and set off on a journey to slay the evil dragon, Wyrmvarg!

Employing 8-bit graphics and sound that hark back to the golden age of RPGs. Dragon Sinker brings a visual and audio feast to the table of hungry gamers starving for the nostalgia of the great classics of yesteryear!

The Dragon Sinker is an Old – New Style Retro RPG games that is a bit similar to Final Fantasy 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 in the gameboy or GB version. It has a nice retro sound and Graphic.


The story of this game is that you are a human prince that wanted to slay the evil dragon that has been terrorizing the village and town throughout the years. So you, with your trusted adviser go around the globe to search for legendary weapon to kill it. While searching for the weapon, you will find an elf king’s daughter and a dwarf kings which goal is also to slay the evil dragon.


If you have ever try or play the final fantasy series on Gameboy, then you might found the similarity to it. The game starts in your castle. You can walk around, searching for quest, buying weapons, changing jobs and many more. While outside the town. That’s where the fun begin. There are tons of monster that can be found, and that can be defeated. Use your attack, skills, guard, and items to defeat them.


The Skill effect is also very cool. Each Job’s has different skill set, and can be obtain by leveling up your job lvl. Each set of job has 10 level, and each lvl up will gives you a cool job skills. There are more than 16 jobs available on the game and it is your choice if you wanted to collect them before fighting the evil dragon.


The party starts with a leader, either Human prince, Elf Princess, or the Dwarf King with a different skill set. Human for balance, Elf for magic, and dwarf for Strength. The Leader will have 3 followers that can be changed from each different leader, in the battle, you can also swap your leader and follower if you are in a pinch.

The game is completely free and is definitely a good past time activity.

(NB : For those annoying ads, i suggest you turn of your Mobile Data and Wi-Fi but if that is not annoying for you, please don’t as it support the developers)