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Mobile Legends News Should you Buy Alpha?


Answering our latest News about mobile legends in the “Mobile Legends Bang – Bang New Hero Update” with the newest update last week, the newest hero is actually a Fighter type called Alpha. Alpha is weapon created in Laboratory by using a human bodies as biological material and space meteorolite as metal skeletons.

The researcher there created powerful twins called alpha and beta that is capable of using supernatural power that’s ubiquitous but very mysterious, and somehow or another come into the Land of dawn. (The full description can be read inside the game).


In my opinion, Alpha is the combination between Saber and Yunzhao. Both has similar play style with Alpha, and the ultimate is pretty similar to Saber, as it stuns the enemies while going to them in a quick step. Though it may seems good, The control of Alpha is more or less difficult to understand. Although he is a fighter, his play style is more like an Assassin, running around and killing enemies in a quick succession. The ultimate is good though, as it quickly reduce the opponents health about 30%-40% to magic unit, marksman unit, and assassins unit.

In conclusion, I suggest buying Alpha, if you wanted a challenging hero to play with.

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