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Mobile Legend Guide: Alpha – Fighter and Marksman


For me, Alpha is more like a combination of Yunzhao and Saber, and it is an Assassin more, rather than a Fighter. It is simply a more durable Assassin and can last in battle. Especially if you had a life steal related item.


The first time you used Alpha, you need to be careful, spam your first skills, which could deal some damage to your enemies while slowing them down. After you kill the creep on your lane, go and kill the monster in the jungle because for Alpha the more level and the more money you get, the percentage of you winning your game will go up considerably.



Spear Of Alpha (Ultimate) : Deal 355 Physical Damage and stunning them. It is a range skills and is a lot like saber ultimate.

Force Swing (Second Skill) : Deal 245 Physical Damage and slow down the enemies. It strike the enemies in a cone shape area, with a delay of 0.5S before the skill took effect.

Rotary Impact (First Skill) : Deal 235 Physical Damage and slow down the enemies. It strikes the enemies in a long straight line area.

Go, Beta! (Passive) : Each skill that has been used, will mark the user, dealing 180 true damage.

How To Kill?


Before going to kill your enemies, There are some things that you need to consider in the game.

First, is the enemies health above or below 50%?

Reason : If your enemies health is below 50%, just go in for the kill. (but never go inside the tower). For the Combo, Your ultimate (Which stuns your enemies) , second skill (Which will heal and increase your attack speed) , first skill (Slow down your enemies). If your enemy is still alive, consider bringing the execute spell, which is probably the best spell for Alpha in killing.

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Second, Is your Item okay?

Reason : Even if your lvl is below your enemies by lot, but your items is really good, you can easily kill your enemy just by using your ultimate, second skill, and first skill combo. As your ultimate literally decrease your enemies health by almost 20-40% of their health, especially if you are going against marksman.

Third, Is there someone backing you up?

Reason : Teaming up with somebody, is needed for lots of reason. Either the enemy are using themselves as a bait for you to gang up on you. Or just so that you can leave them and run away and saving yourself in the process.

(Note : Spam your First skill to lower the opponent health. Your first skill is a ranged attack with a really small cooldown.)

Item Build : 

For your item build, you might want to get :

1. Raptor Machete (Jungling,Optional) : +35 Physical damage, +12% ASPD

Reason : You need this if you wanted to over powered the enemies with your lvl. It is a good lvling up items (Only if you jungle). Sell this in the late game though.

2. Tooth of Greed : +75 Physical damage, +25% Lifesteal

Reason : If you wanted to last long in the battle, then definitely get a lifesteal items, which could increase your survive ability in the battle.

3. Blade of Destruction : +75 Physical damage, +20% critical strike Chance, +50% Critical Damage

Reason : This item is the main reason to why alpha can kill lots of enemy easily. The stun and critical chances can deal almost 90% of enemies heroes. Plus execute spell, you can kill the enemies in a matter of minute.

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4. Scarlet Phantom / Thor String

Reason : Both item has the ability to increase your attack speed and critical chances. It is both good and can be bought side by side as it doesn’t really conflict with one another. Only buy two of those in the late game after you sell Raptor Machete

5. Blade of Despair : +130 Physical Attack, +25% ASPD, +10% Critical Strike Chances

Reason : In the late game, where every hero has a good item. This item will be your ace. The Stunning effect in your ultimate, will synergy with this item dealing +15% damage to your enemies. Killing them even if they are a tank.

6. Dominance Ice / Immortality

Reason : Both is a really good item, you guys must have known what is the use for immortality which give you a second chances to fight back. Although in my opinion Dominance Ice is more useful, The reason is that it got 5% chance to null critical hit, making it more durable and increase it chance to survive. +500 mana which is pretty useful for skill spamming and the most important + 20% cooldown Reduction, which can kill people faster.

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