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Funny Cat Apps for Android: It is Cute, and Will Make You Smile

Cats are interesting creature. They are smart, sweet, and sometimes very sleepy. It is fun to see how they act around the things that you put for them, but sure you know that you can’t bring them everywhere right? but there is one thing that you can bring everywhere. Which is your phone. So here, we will give you a list of cute funny cat apps or games. Check them out!

1. Daily Kitten Virtual



Daily Kitten offers you your own cat; it’s just for you. It can do anything as long you take care of it. Cares it, feed it, teach it to stay clean, play with it, put it to sleep … you can accompany it in its dreams, dress it up the way you like and make it purr when you stroke it. To make a long story short, it’s your new companion and you help it grow and have a lot of fun.

Daily kitten is one of the highest rated app that is downloaded for over 5000.o00 people. It is rated 4.3 in google Play Store. Daily kitten, like what it said let you play with a virtual kitten. You can even interact with your kitty by tapping something on the screen. If you tap it, he will come to you to receive some petting. Besides playing, you also needs to take care of the kitten, give it food, play with it, and help him scratch his nails. You can also play over 10 mini games with your kitty to earn gold and emerald, to buy him stuff.


2. Funny Cats



Funny cats, free application. Cats dancing and playing music on the musical instruments. In the application you will find: cat playing the music of Mozart, cats playing disco music on the keyboard, cats dancing Hawaiian dance and disco dance, cat playing on the drum. Download the application and have a great time.

If you are in bad mood. Then you must have this apps. Especially if you are a cat lover. This apps will give you lots of gif and picture about cats being funny. Like the one that is being displayed above. It is cute, and it will make you smile. Although the apps is free. It contains a bit ads. If you can get pass the ads. Then this will definitely be the app for you.


3. Cat Simulator



Play as a real cat, explore huge houses and awesome gardens. Choose different cats and dress them as you like, try yourself in time challenges and of course, annoy the humans. Play with other kittens in the new multiplayer mode – invite your friends or compete with people from all over the world!

Cat simulator, is a game where you play as a real cats. The people that love cats should definitely check this game out. It is the best. If you are mad, just play this game, it is totally stress relieving game. The games let you  choose bunch of cats and do stuff that cats do. well, to sleep all day and to have some fun. the game has stunning graphics, smooth performance, and it is easy to control too. You can also play with your friend online!


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