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Workemon – A Business style Pokemon Game

Everybody know what pokemon is. Pokemon or short from pocket monster, is an anime made into a game that is pretty popular for kids of every ages. Which is why, it has plenty of spin off game and one of the recent one is Workemon.



This game is for the people who dreamed to be the best PokeMon trainer in the world when they were young.

“WorkeMon!” is a business simulation game where you get to experience the life of a rich CEO, running a company you inherited from your rich father, the owner of richest business in the world, “Gold Spoon Group”. You can play the game for free.

Enjoy your rich life in the fantastic WorkeMon world! You can become the first rank heir for “Gold Spoon Group” by defeating all of your 8 siblings, or become the WorkeMon master by catching all 151 WorkeMons! Whatever you want to do, you are going to be the very best! Like no one ever was! “This game is fiction. It has nothing to do with real life.”


WorkeMon is a combination between business simulation game with a Pokemon game. It is kinda like a spin off game from Pokemon added with its own touch. The game start with the introduction of the world. You play as a rich CEO running a company that you inherited from your rich father. Your father, for some reason had 9 kids and you are one of those. Beat all of your other 8 siblings and inherited your father rich business. (Sound familiar right) and by doing so, you needed a worker for your company which is called the WorkeMon.


First, you can choose 1 of the 3 WorkeMon, each with their own abilities and advantages. After you choose one, you will then go on your screen where your Workemon will work for you. The game uses energy system, which will be restore each second.


You can recruit / catch ┬áthem by going on an adventure. Each Adventure will cost you 30 – 60 energy. You can also make them work harder by spending your energy. Your Workemon will work in a day, and sleep at night. Although they have a chance to overwork at night. Your WorkeMon will also get holiday every Saturday and Sunday.

You also need to unlock everything by going on an adventure. Finding your sibling and buying their company to make it yours. Catching your Workemon, making them work hard and then not paying them at the end of the month, and many more.


Although the game is looking a lot like a spin off of Pokemon games, it is not. The game had its own concept and charm. It is one of the most downloaded games in January. Plus The game is free to boot, although there are ads in it, but worry not, you can get the premium item and collection by just watching the ads.

App Rating : WorkeMon (Free)

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