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Wifi Widget, Save Your Times and Frustration from Your Wifi

Wifi are great, without them we will have to pay thousand of dollars just by connecting to the internet, watching bunch of memes and even messaging your family. We all love our network connection, but sometimes it can be a pain to access the Wifi network information. Especially, if that wifi is not your own.

So what can we do, if we wanted to see, test or share your wifi? Use the Wi-Fi Widget app. It is an app for your iPhone that you can use to get any information about your wifi network that you are connected through your phone. You can also see, share, and test your wifi connection through it.

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With the Wi-Fi widget, you can get any information about the Wi-Fi network you’re connected on your iPhone. Of course, you can do the old way where you need to jump into the settings >> Network and see the network connection that you are using to get through the information. Well, with Wi-Fi widget, you can put that info on a widget screens.

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With Wi-Fi widget, you can see what kind of network that you are connected with, and how fast or slow the connected network is. The app is nice if you tend to go around the neighborhood to do some jobs with a different WiFi connection to use through the day. You can also test your WiFi connection to see how fast it is. The app also put Wi-Fi Widget on your home screen for faster access to your WiFi summary and password.

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It also had an easy share feature where you only need to push one button, “Share” and click the apps and the person name to share the WiFi password on your phone.¬†You can also optionally enter your WiFi password to the app, the password will then be secured to the iCloud key chain, so only you can access it.

The Wi-Fi Widget is a simple app that does what it is supposed to do, although the app is a paid app. It is worth it, plus its only 1$ 0.99$. It is a pretty nice deal.

App Rating : Wi-Fi Widget (0.99$)

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