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Flappy bird was a big thing in the past. Although it is ridiculous, it is still an exciting and addictive game. Frustrated by not winning nor scoring a games. The game is pretty simplistic with its combination of 8-bit graphic and a simple and repetitive game play, but for some reason the game is very addictive.

So, the watching those, the developer itself wanted to make another ridiculous hard and popular game like it which is called Ninja Spinki.



Ninja is not an easy business. Ninja training is just super hard.
6 different games with lots of challenges.. GEARS and OBOKAIDEM are filing down the most difficult Ninja challenges to you!

The game is like a new Flappy birds with lots of popular elements for something different, with bunch of feature. The game is very fun but pretty frustrating.You play as a ninja like character which challenged to avoid things. The game consist in bunch of challenge like jumping and avoid bunch of fruit, cats, guns and many more. There are 6 mini games that you can play, all the game play is pretty similar to Flappy birds as it require you to tap and swipe constantly to win.


Ninja Spinki is a lot like flappy bird. You just need to avoid things that will kill you, for some reason just by touching them. Some of the games are:

The first game is a game where you need to avoid bunch of cats by swiping your phone.

The second game is a game where you need to hit that green thing by throwing shuriken, you need to tap your screen to throw the shuriken.

The third is a game where you avoid bunch of grapes like creature also by swiping your screen.

The fourth game is a game where you avoid bunch of fruits by jumping around by tapping your screen and moving around by swiping.

The fifth is the one where you will need to avoid mine like things.

The sixth one is a game where you need to avoid gunshot by swiping through your phone screen.


At first the game will be very easy, only needed you to tap once in a while and you finish the challenge. After that, things started to go crazy, and you will more likely to lose. There are two game modes that can be pick, either level game or the endless game. The level game is pretty easy, as you just need to finish the level and it can be completed more comfortably than the latter. It won’t be too frustrating to play too.


Like Flappy birds, the game is free to play with ad supported. So you need to watch a video after a few rounds or after a few dead, but still you will find yourself still playing the games while feeling frustrated.

App Rating : Ninja Spinki Challenges!! (Free)

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