Viral Video of iPhone 8 Concept: 3D Photography Tech?


It is being said that iPhone 8 Camera will have a 3D technology. The rumor has been going around in the tech world for a while now. Especially with the newest leak of iPhone concept on ConceptsiPhone site. It is also rumored that Apple is testing more than 10 prototype of iPhone models. So it is not entirely clear if this is the truth or not. It is simply just a Concept.

Now, the first rumor is said that it will be made to be a full screen type of phone, meaning that the touch id and the front camera may be built into the display, or there will be others way to push the button now. (Remember that it is simply just a concept til now).

The rumor also said that the iPhone 8 Camera will still be using the newest double camera as the iPhone 7 also with the Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) Technology into the phone, of course that is based from Ming-Chi Kuo on MacRumor. This is pretty different from the Korea, Economic Daily which said that the iPhone 8 will be having a 3D cam Technology.

The Camera that is said to be the best camera for 3D Photography, but that can also be interpreted as a cam that could recognize a 3D gesture and Object, taking that Apple had patented it.

True or not. this rumor is. Apple still haven’t release the official trailer for iPhone 8. So this rumor may just be a baseless rumor, but going around with the iPhone past release. This might be true.

Refererence: ConceptsiPhone