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Mobile Legends Guide : How to Kill Miya, Layla, and Bruno

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While playing as either Miya, Layla, Clint or Bruno (Marksman) are great, making an enemies out of them are not. It is because they have a big damage and ranged attacks. Although their health or durability is not that high, their attack is enough to make up for that. It is even more annoying if they had a lifesteal effect which could regenerate their health in a minute of attacking you while using a stepping technique.

(Stepping = Attacking while moving)

So what should we do, if we are going against Miya, Layla, Clint or even Bruno (Marksman)? Here we will give you some tips and tricks to kill them, they are good as team but annoying as an enemies.

If you are an Assassins

This is probably the best choices to kill either one of them, even the already nerf Fanny can kill them at ease. Just don’t let them be fat.

(Fat = Their LVL and Money is way above yours, simply put they can kill you in a matter of minutes)


Fanny can easily fly to the back of the war point and kill Miya or Layla easily, just make sure that there are no mage or stunner in the back that could kill you easily.


Saber can easily target the Marksman with his ultimate. Just went around the war point and kill them in the back.


Karina can easily target the marksman with the 3 skill combo, just Ultimate, first skill without attacking (To save the attack immunity), second Skill and then attack. It will definitely reduce your opponents health by 3/4.


Hayabusha, although in a war, Hayabusha might not be that useful, in an individual or 2 on 2 fight, he is unbeatable. It’s ultimate can easily kill an assassins or fighter easily. Just remember to use that shadow of yours to run.


Natalia, it is a bit hard for Natalia, as you need a timing and skills to kill them, especially Miya. Using Natalia, you need to hide yourself. Then go in the back when you are at war. Attacking them to put that silent in a good use, Smoking them and then using your ultimate. Your first skill is useful if your opponents is running away from you or when you want to run away.

Note : Miya is annoying to kill as her ultimate can easily dispel any movement restriction, use Fanny, Saber, Karina, or Natalia that can easily move around. Especially Karina, use your first skill (don’t attack, because sometimes Miya will shoot when running. Using your first skill will help you get immune by the attack) After that spam your 2nd skill, then kill her.

Note : Bruno can Stun, if you bring Purify, then use that to your content to easily kill him. If you don’t, just be careful with its stunt, as it can also be use to run away.

Note : Layla, probably the most easiest to kill, just don’t run away from her, because her range is the best from all.

Note : Clint, Although his attack is higher than the other, he only had 1 running skills. If you can catch him, or gank at him. Then he will die.

If You Are A Mage (Not Yet Updated)

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