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Best Recipe Apps for Android: Makes Cooking Simple!

Whether you love to cook or you just love to eat, odds are you have a collection of dishes and recipes you’d like to try. The thing is the traditional way of writing a recipe has a 50% chances that you will lost the paper. Well, either you lost it, or you completely forgot about it.

Sure it is okay if the recipe is just another recipe that you can found on the internet, but what if the recipe is some sort of secret recipe like kraby patty? Heck even plankton can’t save you. So, a way to save your recipe card is by managing it in an app. Of course the app that we mean is a recipe app that you can download on google play. Some of the app that is listed here is also a big dictionary of cook book. So you will find a bunch of recipe that you can try out at home.

1. Big Oven



The all-new, redesigned BigOven makes cooking simple. Take over 350,000 recipes, your grocery list, and menu planner anywhere. With more than 12 million downloads, BigOven is the most complete tool to help home cooks get inspired and organized in the kitchen and on the go.

If you are looking for a recipe managing app, then big oven is the one for you. Big oven is one of the best recipe managing app that has been around for a while now. Although the main purpose is not managing your recipe but giving you a recipe library from over 350000 recipes around the world. You can try them out and even save them for you to try it later.


2. Cookpad



Best place to share and find recipes made and shared by home cooks like you. Cookpad provides a unique social and safe environment for people to search for and save recipes, publish recipes and photos, or share privately with friends and family in our new chat. Cooking is no longer lonely with Cookpad

Cookpad is a unique social media for all cooking lover. You can share your recipe to all users while saving your recipe online. You can also see others people recipe and recook them. If you don’t have time to cook it now, but you are still interested in cooking them later, then you can use the cookmark feature to save the cooking recipe that you love in one tab.


3. All Recipe



Introducing the most amazing Allrecipes Dinner Spinner app yet! Designed to delight, Allrecipes’ Dinner Spinner has been reinvented as the most popular food-focused social app with a community of more than 30 million home cooks who play a part in helping cooks discover and share the joy of home cooking.

Allrecipe is a site that had made its way to  a cooking app. You can choose a few ingredients that you had and the app will show you what can you make with it. The app boast to over 11 million recipes in total with a video and step to step instruction. Although it is not really a cooking manager app. You can still save and share your cooking recipe. The app is also free to boot.


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