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General Knowledge that you needed to know while playing Mobile Legend

If you are like me, playing mobile legend since day one. There are bunch of players that you will encounter, but the most popular and the most known one is the beginner, or some people would like to call them noob. There are nobodies that got around without being a noob. So it is completely acceptable being a noob. That is why, you need a lot of practice.

Here we will give you some of the meaning of the language that is commonly used in the games. Check them out!

1. What is Jungling?


Jungling comes from the terms jungle. Which is used when a heroes or a player kill some jungle creeps. There are 2 type of creep, the jungle one and the lane one. The lane one will help you in pushing your towers. Use them to destroy the enemies tower. The Jungle one cane be use to give you exp and gold.

2. What is Farming


Farming is the kinda the same as Jungling. While jungling means that you will go to kill the jungle creeps. Farming is the term when people use to get some gold from the creep. Both jungle creep and lane creep

3. What is Burst Damage


Burst damage is the term where people use to how much damage that a heroes can do in a short amount of time. Burst damage is use to kill a heroes faster. For example, a hero like saber which ultimate can kill others in a matter of seconds.

4. What is Continuous  Damage


Continuous damage is the term where people use to describe a heroes that can deal a continuous damage over the time. Shaving the enemies health off little by little. Continuous damage is usually used by marksman or mages as they can maintain their distance with the enemies heroes. Ex : Nana and Eudora, which uses their first skill for attacking and shaving the enemies health

5. What is the different between Burst Damage and Continuous Damage?

The difference is the cooldown on each skills. While burst damage can kill a hero in a single ultimate combo, Its cooldown is long, and you can’t do anything except attacking. It is useful for targeting an enemies. In contrast to continuous damage, where the hero shaves the enemies health off little by little, but can easily spam off their skills. It is very useful in defending and war.

6. War / Fight



War / fight is the term where people use when your team is clashing with the others. It is usually a team fight with your tanker in the front line.

7. Ganking


Ganking is the term where people use to gank up on an enemy (1 enemy).in simpler term You with bunch of your team mates trying or attempting to kill the enemy heroes that is pushing the lane.

There you have it. If you had some problem in the games. Be sure to comment on the comment section below so that we can help you. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day!

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