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SAO (Sword Art Online:Memory Defrag) – Games Review

SAO – Sword Art Online Memory Defrag – Games Review

Everybody who loves the anime world must have know the SAO games, or should i say Sword Art Online. The Anime start of strong with its character being trap in an RPG games, which is the dreams of every man. You can’t use magic there, however you can use a sword art which is also equally powerful. Well, enough about the anime. Here is the game, SAO MD / Sword Art Online Memory Defrag.



Brave the virtual world with the heroes of Sword Art Online in one of Japan’s most popular anime role playing games, the brand-new action RPG, SWORD ART ONLINE; Memory Defrag!

In SWORD ART ONLINE: Memory Defrag, players will join Kirito, Asuna, Leafa, and other fan favorite characters from the original manga and hit anime series from Japan.


Honestly, this game is pretty fun for all age and even for the one that hasn’t played the game yet. The game follow the original story line, from the start. The first time when Kirito met Asuna and they share the bread together. Meeting with Leafa, and then Shinnon. Everything is describe like a graphic novel that you could play in this game.

You could play with all your favorite character in each series, like kirito, Solo Kirito, Kirito the Spriggan, or Kirito in Ordinal Scale. Each with different abilities that will definitely excite you. You could also play with your friends online in the game REAL TIME! There are quest that you could play together in a party, and hunt together.


The games uses an old style fighting / side scrolling beat em up type of games. You must beat everything up in each round with your character in it. You could also take up 3 of your favorite or strongest character in the game and change it in each stages or between the fight. Combine their abilities and strength to win the game fast and complete the quest.


In conclusion, this game is free and fun to play, even for those that haven’t watch the anime. Are you hype about the Movie? Ordinal Scale? Well, there is an event going on right now about the movie, and it is amazing! Be sure to download it in google play with the link below. Check them out!

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SWORD ART ONLINE:Memory Defrag (Free (In App Purchase))
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