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Mobile Legends Guide – Ruby, The Werewolf Hunter

I have been playing Ruby since the starts of her release, and have been pretty disappointed in her. Her passive used to not work well, after the first skill had been release, she wouldn’t do anything and because of that. She was a waste of money. I use past tense because after the recent updates of the games. Her passive has been re-work and fix. Now, she has been one of my favorite heroes.


First of all, before buying this hero. You must know that ruby is originally a Support Fighter. Fighting the opponent alone doesn’t really suit her. I am not saying that you can’t, but having a friend with you while playing as ruby is recommended. Stunning and Lifesteal is one of her best attribute. Her stun had the most range between all other heroes (Besides Nana and Minotaur in Rage Mode) and because of that she is the best Crowd Control heroes.


Ruby Skill Set :

  • Let’s Dance – Passive Skill: Every time you use a skill, Ruby can change her position. So, there are 2 options, backward or forward. Going backward grants her armor. Jumping forward gives slow-down effect to her skills. During this time, her basic attack will no longer have lifesteal. But, her skills will inherit 100% of lifesteal effect
  • Be good – Skill 1: Uses her scythe to attack fast and deals 50 pts physical dmg to the target in front. At the same time, she launches a wave that deals 50pts physical dmg to each target affected by it.
  • Don’t run Wolf King – Skill 2: Attacks twice in a row by dealing 40 pts physical dmg and stuns the target for 0.7 seconds. At the same time, Ruby pulls the enemy closer and deals 30% dmg to enemies outside of the zone
  • I’m offended! – Ultimate:  Deals, 205 physical dmg, pulls the heroes closer and stuns enemies for  0.5 seconds.
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You see, The way ruby skill work is every single time you use your skill, Ruby will have 2 option going backward and Forward as stated by the description above. The Skill can also be use to go through walls. Remember to use that when you want to run away from your opponent.

Note : Some wall can’t be go through with the skills


You need to remember that ruby is not a tanker by itself. You need other tanker to be the front while you crowd control your enemies with your stun.


Ruby Item Built :

You can use all spell while using Ruby of course, but according to what type of heroes built you wanted to be. We considered you in using some of this spell.


For Attack type ruby, consider using Execute or Healing spell, Purify, and Blink why? Because using execute will decrease your opponent health easily especially if the opponents is a marksman. Healing spell will be useful when going around multiple opponent by yourself. You already got the best lifesteal effect and stun at your disposal, But your durability is low. So using Healing spell will make you last longer in the battle field.

For Support / Tanking type ruby, Consider using Stun spell, Purify, Blink, or Healing spell. The reason for using healing spell is the same as above. For Stun spell, it is useful while your spell is not ready and you are in the battlefield going on another team heroes. You can either run after using the spell, or push your luck to kill them all (Of course with your friends). Purify is pretty useful if the other team had a disabler like Nana, Eudora, or Alpha, you can use the 2 sec immunity to go in the war and spam your second skill. Blink will easily make yourself go to the middle of war and you can stun all your opponent by using your second skill.

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For Balance built, Consider using Stun, Execute, Healing spell and Purify.


There you have it, Ruby the werewolf hunter. If you know what you expect from ruby, then you will know what to do with her.

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