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Mobile Legends Heroes Spotlight : Minotaur, How to Play as Mino!


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The labyrinth-dwelling Minotaur was once a symbol of power for the entire kingdom, up until he was defeated by a youth from a far-off land. In the many months and years since, he has trained alone in his labyrinth, hoping for the day he may have a chance of defeating the young man. Time endowed the Minotaur with intelligence, and he learned how to concentrate his fury into more powerful explosions of strength.

When he finally emerged from his labyrinth, he discovered that the thriving Minoan civilization had long ceased to be, and that the whole world had moved on. As he sat lamenting the absence of a proper outlet to show off his powers, a voice from a distant alternate dimension summoned him. This is how the Minotaur came to the Land of Dawn, where he can fully unleash his power and restore his name as the Son of Minos.




Minotaur has 3 Spells :

Despair Hammer : Cooldown: 8 sec

Wields a warhammer an deals 350 physical damage to enemies within melee range in front of him, also lowering their movement speed 65%, If in Rage Mode, attack range will expand greatly.

Motivation Roar : Cooldown: 11 sec

Encourages himself and the surrounding allies, regening 340 HP for himself an giving allies 50% healing. If in Rage Mode .a Rage Regen effect will be activated for 2 sec, allowing him to regen HP after taking damage.

Minoan Fury : Cooldown: 40 sec

Strikes the ground 3 times in a row, causing shock waves that deal 360 physical damage to nearby enemies as well as 180 true damage. Also lowers target movement speed 50%. If in Rage Mode, his striking speed will increase and enemies will be knocked airborne.

With a Passive Spells Rage When abilities or basic attacks hit enemies, Minotaur will become more enraged. When Rage is full, Minotaur will enter Rage Mode an receive extra armor and magic resist (effects increase with level), as well as extra effects for his abilities. When Rage Mode subsides, Minotaur will be unable to build up Rage for a time.

How To Play as Mino


Playing as mino can be real fun, the one thing that you need to watch out is the damage dealer and stunner in the early game. They can kill you real fast without that added armor from your equipment. The skills that you need to maxed out is the first skills where you slow and deal bunch of damage. For the spells i recommend you to take Stuns as it can definitely help you and your teams in killing and escaping your enemies. Heal your allies and yourself by pressing the Motivation Roar skills. The skills won’t cause you any mana, so you can spam it all you want.

When you are going on a war, remember to charge your Rage half full. Charge it in the jungle or just in the lane. Either way is fine, but i prefer in the jungle as there is less disturbances there. Rage can definitely change the course of the team. As your ultimate will knocked the enemies airborne and make them useless. After that use your Stun spells and Despair hammer. Spam all your skills while pressing the attacks buttons.

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