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Mobile Legends : Bang – Bang Tips and Tricks

We have review the full game on Mobile Legends : Bang – Bang game Review.

Mobile legends Bang – Bang is a really fun game. It has both DOTA and LOL aspect. Playing it is fun, but losing is not. Which is why we have sum up some tips and tricks that will definitely improve your game. This will definitely help your gameplay.

1. Equipment


Equipment is probably the thing that will help you in playing the game besides your skills. This equipment contains bunch of unique sets of passive skills. Some has attack penetration, movement speed up, life steals and many more. Remember to pick out the best for your character. For example, don’t give miya a Magic attribute, but give her the attack speed up or attack up.

2. Tank is really important


This is probably the most basic stuff in MOBA. Either in LOL or DOTA. When you got into a fight, your front liner must have the most health, let the enemies attack him while you use your ultimate and skills on them. Don’t let saber be the one that initiate the attack, Miya / Eudora. Let Minotaur, Viking, Baldur and bane on the tank section.



You might already know that tanks let you absorb much more damage than the other which let him be the best one to initiate the attacks. While Marksman and Assassin have the best attack but low health making him/her as the best tower crusher and killer. Mage is the best in killings but they have a low health so remember to watch out. Fighter on the other hands depends on their equipment. If not they will definitely be a burden for the whole teams.

4. Buffs and Jungles



If you play LOL like me, then you already know the importance of Jungling. Besides the gold that you will get from jungling, you will also get a buffs. If you kill the insect type monster that will spawn on your top jungle. It will gives you a reduces cooldown and reduce Mana cost. If you kill the demon type monster that spawn on your jungle, it will also gives you another buffs that will increase your attack speed and slow down your enemies.

5. Turtles and Lord


Some might not know, what turtle did besides giving you the notification saying that turtle has been defeated. Well, it gives you bunch of golds. About 200$ which is considered a lot. It is at least 1 hero kill because in this game, more gold means the percentages of winning will be up, and for those that has played this game like crazy, you might already know what lord did. When your team kill it, you will have the support of the lord himself.

Note : The lord will went to the weakest lane


That is all for today tips and tricks. Did we help you a lot by giving you answer that you might already know?

Anyway, thank you for reading and have a nice day! Remember to check the full review of the game here: Mobile legends : Bang – Bang Review.

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