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Mobile Legends Heroes Guide – Eudora The Lightning Empress


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Ever since she was an apprentice wizard, Eudora’s special talent for controlling lightning always shocked (no pun intended) her many teachers. After a brief period of study, her teachers discovered she had already mastered all they had to teach her. Yearning to continue her progress, Eudora set foot on the road to the Land of Dawn, believing that her lightning magic could reach new heights in that turbulent land.



Superconductor(Passive)Gives the target a Superconductor effect which will amplify the effects of other abilities
Forked LightningUses forked lightning to deal 320 magic damage to enemies in a conical area in front of the hero, also causing enemies who received a Superconductor effect to lose 25 magic resistance.
Electric Arrow Strikes an enemy with a bolt of lightning, dealing 280 magic damage and stunning the target for 1s. Enemies who received a Superconductor effect will be stunned for an additional ls.
Thunder StruckSummons a great storm of lightning, dealing 400 magic damage to enemies in the area. Deals an additional 15% dmg to enemies who received a Superconductor effect. Deals an extra 15% damage if it only hits a single enemy 

Eudora is one of my favorite character. At first i used it because it is the first bought character that i own, (You can simply bought her for 2000 BP). She is very OP in the late game, and can kill most of Assassins, Marksmans, and Mages in one hit combo.

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There are only 2 combos for using Eudora, which make it a pretty much an easy hero to use. The first combos which should be use most of the time is the Killing Combo.

Killing Combo – Electric Arrow >> Forked Lightning >> Thunder Struck. This combo will definitely kill most of your enemies heroes. Electric Arrow will render enemy useless, while Forked Lightning will reduce your enemies magic resistances then finish them off with your ultimate Thunder Struck. It is a one hit KO Combo.

Stunning Combo – Forked Lightning >> Electric Arrow. This Combo is useful if you are up with a tank. Without using your ultimate. You will help the team win it. Forked Lightning will give the tank/ the enemy superconductor. While in superconductor effect. Electric Arrow will give them 1.5s Stun Effect. Which will definitely buy you some time in shaving off their health.




Remember, that Eudora herself got a paper thin health, and could be a burden to the whole team in the early game. Which is why, do not think of getting kills in the early games. Just Shave off your enemies health with a Forked Lightning and Electric Arrow Combos (Stunning Combo). After you got the Astral Wand (One that gives you Penetration by 70%) Then you can go around killing everything. BUT! Remember to stay safe as you won’t want to end up death. If you found a marksman like Miya in the games. Target her. As it will be your treats after you got the Astral Wand

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Item Build

The item built for eudora consist in getting the most Magic Damage up. Because of that, she is considered a glass cannon by most of people. If you play her right, then you might be invincible. At first you will want to buy 2 MANA TALISMAN which could give you 20+ Mana Regen. Remember that Eudora is a real pain when spamming your Forked lightning skills in the early games. Consider buying those and added with the regen spells effect. Then you might get some kill in the early games.

After buying those Mana Talisman, Then start building your item :

1. Guardian Relic – +90 Magic Power, Unique +25% Magic Power. Unique Passive : After skills hit an Enemies, then your magic power will go up by +15% for 3s and have a cooldown of 10s

Reason : Eudora is a one hit KO heroes, and 3S is enough to kill everyone. So definitely Buy this.

2. Enchanted Talisman – +55 Magic Power, +400 HP, +25 Mana Regen, +20% Cooldown Reduction. Unique Passive :  A kill or Assist will restore 20% of your Mana for 5S

Reason : This is an early game stuff. Buy it for the mana regen and cooldown reduction. After that consider exchanging it with the Concentrated Energy That will give you 20% Spell Vamp to increase your surviveability

3. Astral Wand : +65 Magic Power, Unique Passive : +30% Magic Penetration, And if your health is over 70%, you got 70% Magic Penetration

Reason : This is a must have items. The Magic Penetration is one of the most reason why Eudora can kill everything. Even a Balmond in a single Combos.

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4. Shoes – (This is optional , go for the magic Reduction, or the Cooldown Reduction, either way is fine.) If you want to contribute more, go for the cooldown reduction, if you want to kill go for the magic reduction

5. Blood Wings – +150 Magic Power, Unique Passive : Adds 2 HP by every 1 Magic Power

Reason : This is for the late game. only buy in the late games. This will increase your magic power while increasing your health

For the last items. Consider getting another Blood Wings / Frost. Depending on what you wanted to be. Blood Wing will increase your magic Damage, while Frost will slow your enemies while you kill them. It is a win win either way.

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