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Mobile Legends Heroes Spotlight: Minotaur, Equipment!


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For the equipment, Mino is definitely not a killer. Even if you do indeed kill someone, it is your luck or because your enemies is stupid. Which is why, focus on durability for the mino Equipment, but don’t worry in one game you will definitely got at least 3 – 5 kills and if you are in luck you will carry the game to your teams victory.


Equipment can be divided in 2 section, Attack counter or Magic defense. Both can be combine depending on your enemies circumstances. For example If your enemy teams has a team which consist in Miya, Bruno, Yunzhao, Laila, and Bane. You don’t need to add an equipment that has magic resistances in it, but if the team has Alice, Nana, or even Eudora, add one of two equipment that can resist magic.

After bunch of Trial and Error, I have found the best equipment for Mino :

The must have

1. Cursed Helmet – 920 HP , +50 Magic Resistances

Unique : Deals 2% of ones Max HP as Magic Damages Per seconds to nearby enemies

Reason The Area Damage to nearby enemies can also built up your Rage, it is a plus too because Mino health is the largest of all heroes which is why this is the best choices for Mino

2. Demon’s Advent – 920 HP, +54 Armor

Unique : When enemy hero attacks this ability will reduces his/her attack power by 4% and can stack up to 3 timexs

Reason, Tanking means that you need to take all the damages deals to your teams to yourself. With this, you can increase your survive ability when going on a war/a fight

3. Ice Force – +30 Physical Attack, +1000 HP

Unique : Basic attacks will have 25% chance of lowering 35% target movement speed

Reason, with your first skill lowering 65% of the target movement speeds added with the ice force, your enemies will definitely dies not knowing how to run.

Based on who your Enemies is change this to magic resistances or armor

1. Boots :

Tough Boosts – +25 Magic Resistances and Increase┬áresilience

Warrior Boots – +22 Armor

2. Armor

Blade Armor : Deals 25% of Opponent’s Physical attacks as physical damage to an attacker when basic attack is received (Miya, Laila, Alucard, Balmong)

Saint’s Refuge : +900 HP, 56 Magic Resistances, Every 30s get one shield that can absorb 450 – 1150 Damages (Eudora, Raphaela, Nana)

3. Immortality or ASPD

Based on your choices you can either get immortality or ASPD, why? Immortality will help you tank more. By dying, your enemies attention will be divided to your allies and then when you are alive again, spam your mino roar then ult and then first skills.
ASPD can help you with your Rage, as rage depends on your attacks. Consider going for the 40% up aspd Scarlet Phantom.


There you have it, we have list out a list of tips and tricks for your Mobile Legends gameplay, on the above links. Be sure to check them out!

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