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Tamer Frontier Games Review – The Unique Combinations of Digimon and Pokemon Games

Tamer Frontier: The Unique Combinations of Digimon and Pokemon

MMORPG in Android devices is not that well made yet. Although some are still fun to play, like Iruna online, Toram Online, etc. There are also some new MMORPG like Tamer Frontier.


2017 innovative Monster themed MMO RPG game, more than 1 million tamers and monsters are waiting for you!
– Well-made 3D adventure maps and monsters
– Catching, evolving, fighting and more
– Strategy-based PVE & PVP games and battles
– Who can rude the Digi world? You are the next Tamer King!


If you have ever played Digimon series in Play Station, then you might know the similarity. The only difference is the name “Tamer Frontier”.


Tamer Frontier, uses the monster design in Digimon, and the similar play style of Pokemon. The game is like the combination of both.

You start of as a Tamer, and you choose 3 different monster that will accompany you in your mission, which is for peace and some master tamer stuff. The first one is Koromon, the second is Tsunomon, and the third is Tokomon. Each with different attribute that you could exploit to win in your battle againt the enemies.


Like any other MMORPG games, you are given a mission. In this game, you could easily finish the mission by just clicking the go button besides the mission list. There are bunch of mission that you can do. Bounty mission which is renewable every day, and the main quest mission which will unlocked a new area for you to catch a bunch new Digimon.


The battle is very similar to Pokemon style, which is a turn based. Your monster speed is necessary in the game, because it will determine which Digimon will move first. You could learn 4 move, and each move has their attribute. The battle is fast paced and can be speed up to 2 times its original speed which is pretty helpful.


The other, the way you catch and evolve the Digimons are different with the Pokemon style. You need to scan the wild Digimon with Digivice in the item list while battling to catch it. Each scan will gives you a percentages of how much the wild Digimon is scanned. After 100% then you will have that Digimon. You could either release, or use it in battle after that.

Evolving a digimon are different too, in this games, you don’t need to lvl your digimon to a certain level for it to evolve, you need to awaken it first with the same Digimon. Collect the materials needed for evolving and then you can evolve it. There are so many things to do before you could evolve a single Digimon, but the satisfaction that you get after evolving is so satisfying.

Honestly, this game is very fun to play, i have played it for 3 hours and have been edging to play it more. Well, of course i need to write this article first. If you like Pokemon and Digimon. Then this is the game for you


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