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Island Survival Game Review – A Fun and Casual 2D Survival Game

Island Survival Game Review – A Fun and Casual 2D Survival Game

Survival games is a type of games where you need to stay alive while completing the goal of the game. It is a game where you need to survive as long as you can, maintaining your food, equipment and many more. Simply put it is a collection of many games being put into one game. This time, we are going to review a fun casual 2D game called Island Survival.


Stranded on a desert island, you must use any means possible to survive!

Explore the island, venture into dark caves, and encounter terrifying monsters. Featuring randomly generated worlds, crafting, building, and mining, the world is yours to shape and explore. Island Survival is the most exciting survival game yet!


Game Features

• Completely unique, randomly generated worlds to explore
• The threat of starvation is always imminent
• Lots of monsters and animals
• Stunning pixel art graphics
• Full day/night cycle

Island Survival is one of the most popular survival games in the google play store. It is about a guy that is stranded on a desert island while venturing out in the sea. The game world set in a fantasy setting in which there are plenty of fantasy monster like Slime, Ogre and many more. There are also Dungeon for you to explore and Boss for you to beat.


While venturing, you will still need to survive the game. There are hunger meter in the game so you need to hunt or farm crops in the game. You could also craft your equipment like sword and armor in the woods with the drops from the monster. There are so many things to craft with more than 100+ items to discover.

Build your own base from the floor to the wall.

Interested in the game? Download it in the link below.

App Rating

Island Survival (Free (In App Purchase))
Matthew Tory