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QooApp Review – Enjoy Unlimited East Asian & Japanese Gaming Apps

QooApp Review – Enjoy Unlimited East Asian & Japanese Gaming Apps

There are so many benefits to download a different app store. One of the most seek benefit is the ability to download an App from another Country. Google play has an unique feature to block out some of the apps that is developed outside of the developers country, but what if the users or in this case You wanted to download the app? Well, you need to search for the apk, or use some a vpn proxy to change your country ip address, which is a hassle.

There are also a risk in downloading a viruses in some unknown site while downloading the apk. Which is why many people prefer the use of a different app store. Here we have reviewed a different app store app called “QooApp” Which is an app that is made for games lover



Qoo App is actually a Android game platform. It’s host for more than 100.000 different games on its server and didn’t lose to the original Google Play. QooApp is an app that provides you a list of all the latest and most popular games from Japan, China, and Korea. Using the app, you can download and play any game available on the Japanese, Korean or Chinese Google Play Stores.



If you are worried if the app is safe or not, then don’t. Because after some test, the app is completely safe. It doesn’t do anything wrong or gives you any unwanted viruses or ads to your phone. It is simply an app that allows you to download any of the latest and popular games from East Asia.

If you are looking for a quick way to play Japanese games or Korean games, then you could download the app in its site here: QooApp: Android Gaming Platform