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Office Space: Idle Profits – 6 Easy Tips and Tricks

ffice Space: Idle Profits Tips and Tricks


Based on our recent office space review in here. We have put out some tips and tricks that will definitely help you in your game playing. Check them out!

1. Tap!

The name idle doesn’t mean that you need to stay idle and wait for your money to come in. If you wanted to efficiently play the game, and beat the game, then you could always try to tap your way out to success.

2. Always Check the 6 hours free Recruit!

For us free gamers, which don’t use real time money to play the game. Free stuff is always the best thing, and in this game there are tons of free things that you could get, one of which is the recruit every 6 hours. The recruit will help you in making some money. Assign the recruit in each rooms to boost the room.

3. Upgrades!

There are tons of office space upgrades that can definitely boost each rooms. You could use these upgrades to generate the highest profits. Try to balance the upgrades between the lower which generate income faster and the upper one which generate a lot of money, but take a longer time.

Also upgrade having in mind to reach the milestones: at level 25, 50, 100, 200 and so on the production time is halved, so you basically get a huge increase in earnings per second.

4. Icon!

Another easy way to earn money is by searching the icon from your worker head. Sometimes they will either had a poo icon or just an exclamation mark in its head. Click it and you will earn a reasonable amount of money each time you click them

5. Ads

Although ads can be annoying some times, the use of it can be quite useful as it provide a boost for you each time you watch it.

6. Burn!

Sometimes the best way to move forward in your life is by taking a step back. This also apply in the game. Like any other idle clicker game, there are a reset buttons.

Basically, you use this button to resets the game, by resetting the game you will be able to get a bonus in which you could use to make your game play easier. Although everything starts from the scratch your character and their levels won’t reset. So you will be able to get to your point extremely fast!