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Life Simulator Game Review – Experience Any Type of Life that You Wanted!

Life Simulator Game Review

Have you ever wonder what you would be if you can have another life? Well, now you can! Wondering what will you do if you are face with some unexpected change in your life? Well, now you can! With a Life Simulator game, you could now experience any type of life that you wanted.



Tired of all those other life simulating games that just leave you wanting more? Look no further! Here, life is good! Life Simulator is the most in-depth, content-packed life simulating game available.

Tired of your real life? When you simulate life, you can be whatever you want to be. Want to be a rocket scientist, working for NASA? Want to be a senator? How about surgeon general? Go to school and get a high-level degree! There are many different career paths  and over a hundred items to collect!
You can do it all, and more, when you play Life Simulator by Protopia Games.

Life simulator is a fun and addictive type of games. It is a simulation of life game. Where you can choose what happens next. Work your character hard to be successful, or have them make money easily by committing a crime. It is all your choice.

The game started when your life is at the bottom, you don’t know anyone. You live in a cardbox, you sleep in a floor and you don’t have any money or food to survive the day. The only thing that you needed to do is to search for a job for the day and try to make some money for you to eat.

In this game, you could also do a business by crafting, cooking or making something during your free time. You could also buy some stuff to make your life much more enjoyable. You could also gamble your life in a stock market, but remember high risk high return.

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