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Crash Arena Turbo Star Tips and Tricks

Crash Arena Turbo Star game or CATS for short is a Cat theme game for robot fighting. It combine the unique and cuteness of a cat and the awesomeness of a Robot/a Vehicle into a simple game. It is awesome! Here in roonby, we will give you tips and Tricks to play C.A.T.S / Crash Arena Turbo Star game, check them out!


Before going to battle other cats opponents, you must be able to build and use the best Robots/Vehicle EVER! Each of the robots/Vehicle have their own uses :

  • Body: this is the main part of the vehicle, which determines most of your health, and how much power you can use. Power is required to put weapons and boosts on your vehicle.
  • Weapon: these are how you will damage your opponents. They comes in a variety of types as well as including rockets, drills, swinging blades, and even lasers.
  • Gadgets: these are things that don’t attack the opponent, but give you some edge. Like a Boosters that push you forwards or backwards, or spinning lifts that can pull or flip opponent on their back are the kinds of parts you can place here.
  • Wheels: it affects how your vehicle moving during a battle. Depending on the body you use, you may end up flipping your vehicle over if you use certain wheels.

Each type of Parts will affect your gameplay, so be sure to built your Vehicle / Robots in a way that suit you the best

2. Play with Physics

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You know, the thing that you use to learn in school? The thing that didn’t do anything much after you leave for work and college? Yes Physics! With it you would be able to win even if your Vehicle / Robots is one step behind from your enemies. Design your Vehicle / Robots the way that will put you to your advantages. Use the lever principle to flip your opponents, or slam your enemies with a tank like vehicle, it is your choices!

3. BET!


This game has a betting system that can be used to makes money. Likes in real life, betting is a game where you could get a high return with a very high risk. It is okay to bet, but be sure to only bet if you are ready.

4. Level Up your Parts


You can fuse old or unwanted parts into others thing to level them up. Simply select the part you want to level, then drag the unwanted parts into the area to the left. Of course this cost money, but hey it is okay to pay some money to power up your vehicle right?

Anyway, here are some of the tips and tricks that we could give you right now, be sure to check more for updates and stuff. Thank you for reading, and have a nice day!

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