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5 Easy Battle Bay Tips and Tricks

Battle Bay Tips and Tricks


Here are some of the tips and tricks that we have find on the Battle Bay games, Check them out!

1. Use the Waves

Unlike the other MOBA type of game, Battle Bay uses everything you have to win the game, including the waves. If you go the opposite as the waves, you will go slow, but if you go with the flow then you will be able to move faster.

So with this information, you will be able to move to your enemies with the waves or moves away from your enemies depending on the waves.

2. Know the Objective of Your Team

The way the game works is by either you sink all of the enemies boat or go to a marked spot on the map. If your team want to kill them all, then do your best to help them, but if your team want to go around and just step on the marked spot. Then you could help your team by going there or tricking the enemies into a fight while your team mates run to the spot.

3. Auto Aim

You know that the closer you are with your enemies, the better the aim is. Well, it is because the game has auto aim feature that will help you in killing the enemies. But the farther you are, it will be harder to aim so you need to aim them yourself.

4. Focus on 1 enemy

To win, you need to finish of the enemies. Focus on fixer, as it is the medic of the whole team, after that everything will be easier for you.

5. Stay close

You need to be with your team mates. So when you are targeted by another player. You will be able to defend with the help of the other team.