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Pokemon Go Latest Update – Player vs Player Battle?

Pokemon Go Latest Update – Player vs Player Battle?


Pokemon Go keeps trying to add some new features. At the age of almost a year, Niantic, as the game developer keeps trying to make this game does not pass away, like just a brief phenomenon.

There is one feature that has been busy talking about even since the first time Pokemon Go released, but still not yet become a reality. It is the war between players. This feature is definitely awaited by the fans.

It is because the connections and interactions for one player with another players will become closer. It’s just that, Player vs.Player. But this feature is still just a promise.

But some time ago, one of Niantic’s executive, Mathieu de Fayet in an interview confirmed that Pokemon Go “needs to create social interaction between players.” In addition he also said that the battle of the players and legendary Pokemon would be a top priority for Niantic for the Pokemon Go latest update.

According to Fayet, this latest plan will be given in this summer. So keep hoping that the battle between players is really given so that more people are back to playing this game.