4 Easy Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile Quality

Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile Quality


LinkedIn is the largest professional online network in the world. In the last 6 years, LinkedIn regularly compiles and analyzes the 10 most commonly used words or phrases used by professionals in LinkedIn over the last 12 months.

Recent data show that the majority of professionals try to show their specialty by writing down specific skills and leadership. “Specialized” and “Leadership” are the top two words on the buzzwords list in 2016. This condition is different from the previous year, where the words “Creative” and “Motivated” are 2 top ranked.

Here are the 10 words most commonly written (buzzwords) by professionals during 2016:
1. Specialized
2. Leadership
3. Passionate
4. Experienced
5. Responsible
6. Strategic
7. Creative
8. Expert
9. Focused
10. Certified

According to Kestum Bilt, having a strong personal online brand is the key to unlock the opportunities in the future. Moreover at the beginning of the year when many people want to get a new job.

Therefore, it is important for someone to look prominent and privileged than others without looking too exaggerating or demeaning, Roger Pua said, the LinkedIn Senior Director of Corporate Communications for Asia Pacific.

Roger continued, “Updating LinkedIn profiles by adding new achievements and capabilities gained. It is a useful and prominent act. However, do not get stuck with usual words.

Though common words can make it easy for you, but the fact is that it is not effective to reflect on your privileges as a professional. Especially when everyone is writing the same word.

Personal branding that can explain the advantages and privileges, helps Human Resource personnel to understand how professional you to fill a job position.

Personal branding distinguishes an extraordinary talent with millions of other professionals. What’s more, companies are always interested in learning more about your contribution in your work. ”


To help users strengthen their personal brand online, LinkedIn teamed up with Chrisopher Sandford, author of best-selling biographies, accustomed to articulating or judging the achievements of others. Mr. Sandford gives tips for those who want to improve LinkedIn profile quality in this year:

1. Pay attention to your language

Profile summary is the first thing people notice and this is what keeps people interested to read more information about you. Take their attention with unique stories, short sentences, to effective use of punctuation, for example ‘Music is my first love’. Remember to always think of the reader’s reaction when reading your summary.

2. Straightforward in explaining

Use a straightforward, firm, clear tone from the point of view of the first person. Do not be shy about showing your personality and character. Avoid special terms that only some people understand.

3. Your experience is your capital

Write down all your relevant work experiences and explain your duties in ordinary language. It helps the reader to understand your experience further. Complete profile will reflects the active person.

4. Prove it not only by words

Show real results and accomplishments on the profile, rather than just writing common words like ‘Specialized’ to highlight your expert. The results of presentations, posts, blogs, to uploaded projects provide a clearer picture of your strengths and uniqueness.