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Apple Announced The iOS 11, It Has Some New Interesting Features


Apple has officially announced the latest version of iOS, the iOS 11 in the WWDC 2017 event. For you who missed the event, here is a summary of iOS 11 new features in this update.

– New features for the Messages app. It including easier access to find stickers and sync messages to iCloud.
– More easily payments with Apple Pay.
– Users can take advantage of Apple Pay to make payments to other users via the P2P system (person-to-person). It directly included into the Messages app so you can instantly send or receive money from friends and family.
– Siri’s new feature. Siri has a tone of voice that is more natural than before, and can be used for translation from English.
– Siri can also provide suggestions on news topics or interest to users.
– Siri is able to suggest the word in the iOS keyboard app based on recent activity.
– Better compression system for photo and video files to save space in memory.
– New Control Center view, including new pages to access options and features. Users can also take advantage of 3D Touch to display the various features and control of the Control Center.
– Users can take a certain frame from Live Photos. Also add the playback effect to Live Photos.
– When watching videos from Memories in the Photos app in landscape mode, users can switch to portrait mode and videos still appear full screen.
– Apple Maps can now display detailed information about major malls and airports, complete with detailed information.
– Apple Maps will show a speed limit when users are driving on the road and also suggest which paths need to be traversed.
– Do Not Disturb While Driving feature will turn off notification when user drive, and will directly give reply message to the sender when user is still driving.
– Users can use HomeKit to control speakers that have AirPlay 2 support, as well as speakers connected to the latest Apple TV.
– Apple Music can show you what song that your friends are listening to.
– 3rd party applications will be integrated with Apple Music.