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Living Alone Game Review – Move Out to Better House and Let’s See Your Future!

Living Alone Game Review

Whether by choice or by circumstance, living alone is something that us as an adult will need to do in the end. It might be lonely at first but you will definitely be able to get use to it. Either by socializing with someone else, or by playing some game. If you are living alone, then you might be interested in this game Living Alone. 🙂



Please graduate the college well by yourself!
You should survive in this society as a student by your self!
Life is alone and money makes your better life!
Move out to better house and let’s see your future!
What is your dream job?
You can make your own student as your avatar!

Living alone is a game made by Korean developer about a student that has just graduated high school from a rural area. His/Her parents wanted him/her to go to a college in a rural area, but he wanted to go to an university in Seoul. So with the little money that he has saved up for 20 years. He went to Seoul to live alone.


The game start with you choosing your character gender. After that your character name, and with some intro. The goal of the game is to graduate collage and get a job. This game is an idle clicker type of game, so you can either work your character ass off for money by doing some part time job, or just click him. Like a lot.

There are 5 bar on top of the game, which is energy, hunger, fun, hygiene, and stress. The bar will go down each time you went to a class, or work part time job. The lower your bar is, the possibility of a failed job / class will increase. which is why, we suggest you to have them full every time you do some job or work, but you know there are an easy way if you wanted to fill the bar easily. Which is by taking a haircut.

You could also upgrade your apartment, upgrading your furniture, buying a pet, changing your outfit and last but not least owning a car. Oh there are also some event that will be poping each now and then while you are playing the game. It is called the frustration ending. It is the ending in which you aren’t graduating from the collage and wanted to go back to your parents. You could either choose to endure the event, or just die. If you choose to endure. Then you will be able to play the game again.

So, are you interested in the game? If you are, then you could click the link below.

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