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Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow

You guys from the 90s must have known about Futurama right? It is a famous tv show, but got discontinued. It is made by Matt Groening in the mids 90s and has the same comedy humor as The Simpsons but with a different settings. If you didn’t know this Tv show, then i recommend you to watch it. Anyway, there is a game that is based on the original story called Futurama: Worlds of Tommorow!



The next epic Futurama adventure has finally arrived! Play with all your favorite characters, build your own New York, combat against alien species and explore unfamiliar planets on a mission to save the universe! Buckle your seat belts, blast off into space, and play the new Futurama game!

Relive the show in this thrilling and hilarious game that will have you crying in tears. The funny never ends when you play as Fry, Leela, Bender or any of your favorite characters from the critically-acclaimed Fox series, Futurama! Is the future safe in your hands? PLAY FUTURAMA: WORLDS OF TOMORROW to find out!


Honestly, the game is pretty similar to the famous Simpsons game in android called Tapped Out. The story line for both is also the same, something is wrong, the thing got worse, and then you are left on your own to find the other character. Similar but not so similar as the 2 has different story based.

Although i said it like that, it is not like the game doesn’t have its own originality. There are also tons of different feature like battle feature that make it different from the Simpsons Tapped Out. Well, if you are not convinced yet as to why the game is worth to play. Well, here is the list for you to think:

1. There are a new cutscene while playing the game.

The intro of the game is good, like really good. It is like a whole new episode  being unfold there, and you are the main character for the story to progress. Honestly even if the game is shit, just for the little cutscene, it is worth it.

2. There are RPG battle system

I don’t know if tapped out also have a battle system, but Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow have it and it is awesome. While you are building something. You can venture out and explore the galaxy with your character. You will be able to battle some aliens, and collect tons of items. Definitely fun!

3. Funny dialog

The game dialog is funny and it capture the essence of the TV series and made it fun for the player to play the game.

So? Are you interested in the games now? Well, if you are then you could play it in the link below. Check it out!

App Rating : Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow (Free (In App Purchase))

Futurama: Worlds of Tommorow
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