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Beta Gamers: World of Prandis – Definitely A Worth Playing Game!

A while ago, we have covered a bit about a beta games. Beta games is a game that is finished, and can be played already but may or may not contain some bugs. Usually, the developers allow people to download and play the game, but in return the player must give a report about the bugs and some things.

Well, to support the developer, us ( have made a choice to cover a bit about Beta Games that is out in public and can be download in google play store. Right now, the games that we have choose to review is World of Prandis.


World of Prandis / WOP for short is a real 3D Open World MMORPG in which the players can explore the world for free. The player will be able 2 choose 2 faction, between Vir and Femina. It is a bit like (RF online the way they choose side).

Anyway, there are 3 tribes that you can choose from Haru, Human and Truk. Haru which is a lot like a mini dwarf type of character, Human which is a lot like anime character, and Truk which is a lot like a character that uses realism art style.


In my opinion thou, the Truk tribe is a lot like human tribe. There are also 6 classes that you can choose from, warrior, paladin, hunter, assassin, mage, and warlock. Depending on which job you choose from, your play style will change like a lot.

In this open world, there are more than 4000 monster that you can fight and tons of things that you can explore. The game also have the usual party and guild system, but with the added new system called the lover system.

There are also PVP, Arena, Dungeon, Battleground and Raid. Also, if you are the type that wander around and wanted to have fun while exploring the game, then upgrading your job skill will do good for you, there are mining, gathering, fishing, cooking and even playing an instrument. Definitely a game worth playing!

So in summarize why this game is really good :

1. Open World MMORPG

There aren’t that many open world MMORPG in which you can explore everything.

2. There are tons of feature that you can explore

There are lover system, dungeon, battle ground, raid, and even job skill like mining, gathering, cooking, fishing and such.

Of course, though the game is still in Beta stages so while playing the game, be sure to help the developer by reporting the bug. Especially if you like the game in general. It would be pretty helpful for the developer if you can report the bug and make the game better.

Well, or you could take advantages on the bug and make yourself OP. Your choices.

Anyway if you are interested in playing, then you could download it in the link below.

App Rating : [Beta] World of Prandis (Unreleased) (Free (In App Purchase))

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