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Dungeon&Girls: Card RPG – Get Pretty Girl Partners and Defeat The Boss!

Dungeon&Girls: Card RPG – Get Pretty Girl Partners and Defeat The Boss!

There are plenty of things that a man loves a lot besides games,  hmm… it is girls. Today, we will gives you a review about a game called Dungeon&Girls.



Card RPG with pretty girls!
Seek pretty girl partners and defeat Bosses!

The game is pretty self explanatory with the title, which is Dungeon&Girls. It means that you explore a dungeon that is filled with a girl. (I am not kidding and yeah this is a game!). Anyway the game goals is to beat the dungeon with your partner. You will only have one partner at first but as you explore the dungeon on and on, you will be able to find bunch of different dungeon girls that wanted to be your partner and make your own lil harem.

You can use an attack to hit the enemies in a dungeon, defense to defense, focus to boost your next attack skill and heal to heal the damage that you have receive. You will also notice that each of your girl partner will have a special skills, and can be activated if you have enough affection points. You can battle and explore the dungeon to boost the affection point or gives them flowers or accessory.

So? Are you interested in the game? Well, if you are then click on the link below.

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Dungeon&Girls : Card RPG (Free (In App Purchase))